Yamaha DTX
SeriesYamaha DTX
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Duration: 00:44 - Language: en - Added by fran6s on Sep 14, 2017 at 3:13:06 AM

Yamaha TP70S 3-zone rimshot capable snare pad.

Yamaha Electronic drum pad TP70S

A newly developed 7.5-inch rubber Snare/Tom pad with 3-zones and a shape that is compact but easy to hit.
Through the experience of developing Yamaha's well-known DTX-PAD, this rubber pad provides much greater playability.
It features a softer head to provide moderate bounce, and the surface is not slippery to give a more natural feeling when playing with sticks.
The pad is divided into 3-zones and supports open and closed rimshots when used with a compatible DTX trigger input

Learn more about TP70S on our website: www.yamaha.com