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  • Yamaha DX100

    Yamaha DX100 - Chlamydiae's review


    Synth FM 4 basic operators, mini-keys, not dynamic keyboard USE Complex Edition is FM SONORITS Characteristics Sons, always very helpful my opinion, digital, adpend of what is fact and what is not zero forcment NOTICE GLOBAL I did n…

  • Yamaha DX7

    Yamaha DX7 - satrianoche's review


    Hi, I am new keyboard, and I'm about to acqurir a Casio CTK 700 ..... this is it more efficient than a Yamaha DX-7? USE .... SONORITS .... NOTICE GLOBAL .... …

  • Yamaha DX7

    Yamaha DX7 - elektrat's review


    See data sheet. UTILIZATION At first I thought this synth incronpréhensible.En fact it is. But there is nothing to comprendre.Tous accessible.Il settings are simply set intuitively and disrupt the settings. If we change the algorithm such as …

  • Yamaha DX11

    Yamaha DX11 - housetraxx's review


    - 5 octave keyboard (61 keys) - FM synthesis DX - 4 8 operator is different algorithms - 1 LFO - A waveform by operator (to choose from 8 different) - Pitchbend wheel and modulation wheel. - 4 preset bank of 32 sounds and a user bank of 3…

  • Yamaha DX7 IID

    Yamaha DX7 IID - blackmore's review


    Level features, soft touch keyboard 61 notes, polyphonic aftertouch. Internal memory of 64 sounds "simple" and 32 performances (combination of two sounds). Ram4 cartridge slot (very hard to find). Compared to the first DX7, it is bitimbrale. It c…

  • Yamaha DX100

    Yamaha DX100 - sunjy's review


    To have a synth malgrés prices are quite expensive UTILIZATION Editing not be complex without notice, but I did not and yet I often used. SOUNDS The house is oriented technology is the first synth GRAI carl .. for me to do the drum'n'bass, …

  • Yamaha DX200

    Yamaha DX200 - edclombe's review


    As previously stated characteristics are easily on the net, but basically a groovestation c, a mix between a synth and a BAR (drum machine). 256 factory presets, 128 user (why not the other way around? Is frankly bad, finally, especially for those …

  • Yamaha DX27

    Yamaha DX27 - man machine's review


    61 synth keyboard type but not dynamic touches.Toucher VLOC detected via MIDI. Controller: Pitch wheel, modulation, breath controller, taken to sustain pedals. Main output jack 6.35 mm, 6.35 mm jack phones output. Midi in, out, thru. No inter…

  • Yamaha DX7

    Yamaha DX7 - Acbx's review


    32-voice polyphony is good, except for the effects spciaux trs long, but we rarely needed. The DX is the champion of CONTRL of expressiveness: sensitivity typing speed, pressure APRS depression of the keys (to apparatre disparatre and a vibrato by …

  • Yamaha DX21

    Yamaha DX21 - nibla's review


    Cheap and tacky keyboard FM (marron!) of 1984 with 128 presets and of course the possibility CRER own sounds. UTILIZATION So easy when it comes to import sounds from internal bank, a little harder when it comes to programming, the FM synthse of Y…