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Special price Steinberg HALion 5

Valentine’s day sale at Steinberg

Published at 00:27 within Steinberg HALion 5
From February 12 to February 15, Steinberg gives everyone the opportunity to purchase HALion 5, Groove Agent 4 and The Grand 3 at 50% off.
Special price Harrison Consoles XT-MC Multiband Compressor

All Mixbus plugins in a bundle at reduced price

Published on 02/12/16 within Harrison Consoles XT-MC Multiband Compressor
Harrison Consoles offer Mixbus 3 owners a special plugin package at reduced price.
Hot news Ueberschall Guitar Feedback

Ueberschall goes to 11

Published on 02/12/16 within Ueberschall Guitar Feedback
Ueberschall introduces Guitar Feedback, a new loud guitar oriented Elastik soundbank.
Special price Lindell Audio 6X-500 Plug-In

48 Hour Sale on Lindell duo at Plugin Alliance

Published on 02/12/16 within Lindell Audio 6X-500 Plug-In
For 48 hours only, the Plugin Alliance offers special prices on Lindell Audio's 6X-500 preamp/EQ & 7X-500 compressor plugins.
Hot newsSpecial price Rhythmic Robot PatchVault Jupi6 Factory Set

Rhythmic Robot PatchVault Jupi6 Factory Set

Published on 02/12/16 within Rhythmic Robot PatchVault Jupi6 Factory Set
Rhythmic Robot has released PatchVault Jupi6 Factory Set, a Kontakt library including renditions of all of the Roland Jupiter 6's factory presets.
Hot newsSpecial price SIR Audio Tools StandardEQ

SIR Audio Tools releases StandardEQ's v1.3

Published on 02/12/16 within SIR Audio Tools StandardEQ
SIR Audio Tools has released v1.3 of the StandardEQ plugin.
Hot news Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5

Steinberg updates Cubase Pro & Artist

Published on 02/12/16 within Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5
Steinberg has announced the release of the 8.5.10 maintenance update for Cubase Pro 8.5 and Cubase Artist 8.5.
Hot news Digital Audio Editors

For some common audio-editing tasks, dedicated editing software is better than your DAW

Published on 02/12/16 within Digital Audio Editors
When it comes to music-production software, DAWs get all the glory. And for good reason: You use them for all the glamorous parts of the process, such as tracking, overdubbing and mixing. Conversel...
Special price Kush Audio

40% off all Kush and Sly-Fi plug-ins

Published on 02/11/16 within Kush Audio
Sister companies Kush Audio and Sly-Fi are starting a 30%-off sale on their plug-ins tomorrow, but today you can save even more...
Special price McDSP FutzBox

50% off McDSP's Futzbox this month

Published on 02/11/16 within McDSP FutzBox
This February, McDSP offers its Futzbox plugin at half price.
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