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Hot news Noise Makers Pano

Friday’s Freeware: Pano

Published on 03/06/15 within Noise Makers Pano
No panorama plug-in this week, but the first project of French developer Noise Makers, with an unlimited demo version.
Hot news Maxon OD-808 Killswitch Engage​

Maxon OD-808 Killswitch Engage Signature

Published on 03/06/15 within Maxon OD-808 Killswitch Engage​
Adam and Joel from the band Killswitch Engage asked Maxon to tweak its OD-808 overdrive pedal.
Novation Launchpad App

Novation updates the Launchpad app

Published on 03/06/15 within Novation Launchpad App
Novation has released version 1.11 of its free Launchpad app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
UVI Retro Organs

50% off the UVI Retro Organs

Published on 03/06/15 within UVI Retro Organs
This weekend at UVI, you can get the Retro Organs library for half its price.
MIDI Madness MIDI Madness 2

MIDI Madness updated to v2

Published on 03/06/15 within MIDI Madness MIDI Madness 2
MIDI Madness, the plug-in that automatically generates MIDI melodies, has recently been updated to v2 and is now available on Mac and Windows.
Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12

Analogue Solutions releases Nyborg-12

Published on 03/06/15 within Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12
The new Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 machine is an analog monosynth equipped with 2 oscillators and a SEM-style filter.
Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 8 Pro

Bremmers upgrades MultiTrack to v8

Published on 03/06/15 within Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 8 Pro
Bremmers Audio Design has released a major update to its MultiTrack DAW, which is now in version 8.
Hot news Opho Keys

Opho helps you learn to play keyboards

Published on 03/06/15 within Opho Keys
Incident Technologies, creators of the gTar MIDI guitar with LED fingerboard, have opened a new division to port the learning concept to a keyboard.
AcousticsampleS Uku

AcousticsampleS Uku for the UVI Workstation

Published on 03/06/15 within AcousticsampleS Uku
AcousticsampleS has releases a new sample library fully dedicated to the ukulele for use in the UVI Workstation 2.

Fairlight to use Auro-3D Technology

Published on 03/06/15 within Fairlight
Australian post-production an live specialist Fairlight has announced that they will include the Auro-3D mixing technology to its products.