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Hot news MOD Duo

MOD launches its KickStarter campaign

Published on 09/17/14 within MOD Duo
Brazilian MOD has just launched its crowdfunding campaign for their new MOD DUO multi-effect pedal.
Project SAM Symphobia

Price drop for Project SAM libraries

Published on 09/17/14 within Project SAM Symphobia
This is not a promotion but a new pricing policy that Project SAM has decided to apply to some of their sound libraries.
Hot news Electro-Harmonix Turnip Greens

Electro-Harmonix unveils Turnip Greens

Published on 09/17/14 within Electro-Harmonix Turnip Greens
The new Electro-Harmonix stompbox combines two of the brand’s effects, the Soul Food overdrive and the Holy Grail Reverb.
Air Music Technology Xpand! 2 (2014)

XPand! 2 now available for any DAW

Published on 09/17/14 within Air Music Technology Xpand! 2 (2014)
XPand! 2, the virtual expander originally create by Digidesign then branded by Avid for Pro Tools, is now available at AIR Music Technology.
Audio Precision APx555

Audio Precision introduces the APx555 analyzer

Published on 09/17/14 within Audio Precision APx555
Audio Precision announces the availability of the latest generation of AP audio analyzer, the APx555.
Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser DS

Sonnox launches AAX DSP version of the SuprEsser

Published on 09/17/14 within Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser DS
Sonnox will be attending AES along with Avid to introduce the DS version of its SuprEsser de-esser plug-in.
Hot news Mesa Boogie Mark 5 Twenty-Five

Mesa Boogie announces the Mark 5 Twenty-Five

Published on 09/17/14 within Mesa Boogie Mark 5 Twenty-Five
Mesa Boogie develops its Mark guitar amp range with the new Mark 5 Twenty-Five all-valve head.
Soundmorph Universe

All SoundMorph in a bundle

Published on 09/17/14 within Soundmorph Universe
SoundMorph decided to bundle all its products in the Universe pack, an operation that will be renewed every year.
Hot news Universal Audio AMS RMX16

2 new plug-ins for the UA Software

Published on 09/17/14 within Universal Audio AMS RMX16
Universal Audio released version 1.7 of its UA Software, which adds two new plug-ins, including the reproduction of the RMX16 reverb.
Hot news Getting Started

Making money from music licensing - Part 2

Published on 09/17/14 within Getting Started
In part 1, we discussed what licensing is, and described how music libraries work. In this second and final part, we’ll look at the different ways you can make money from a licensed piece of music,...