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Hot news A1Audio / Alex Hilton A1StereoControl

Friday’s Freeware: A1StereoControl

Published at 18:23 within A1Audio / Alex Hilton A1StereoControl
Alex Hilton, aka A1Audio, offers Mac and PC users a plug-in that will help them manage the stereo during mixing and mastering.
Arts Unmuted qbgrid

qbgrid customizes your commands for Cubase/Nuendo

Published at 18:16 within Arts Unmuted qbgrid
Arts Unmuted released qbgrid, a Lemur template on iPad that will make Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo users’ life easier.
Gibson Robby Krieger 1954 Les Paul Custom

Gibson reissues Robby Krieger’s Les Paul

Published at 18:09 within Gibson Robby Krieger 1954 Les Paul Custom
The Gibson Custom Shop reproduces “L.A. Woman”, the 1954 Les Paul Custom nicknamed by The Doors’ guitarist.
Zero-G Whoosh Designer

Zero-G launches a Whoosh Designer for Kontakt

Published at 18:01 within Zero-G Whoosh Designer
The new sound library from Zero-G is fully dedicated to creating whooshes.
eaReckon EAReverb

Get EAReverb for 79€ through November 2nd

Published at 16:44 within eaReckon EAReverb
The EaReckon group buy has ended and you can now all purchase the EAReverb plug-in at a discounted price.
Rhythmic Robot Crank

Rhythmic Robot unveils a new virtual synth

Published at 15:25 within Rhythmic Robot Crank
It’s teaser day, for after U-he and his Presswerk, Rhythmic Robot announces its Crank hybrid virtual synth.
Hot news U-He Presswerk

U-He announces Presswerk

Published at 13:18 within U-He Presswerk
It’s not one but two new products U-He is working on: a synth and another plug-in called Presswerk.
Hot news Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme

The Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme released

Published at 12:32 within Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme
Godlyke announces the availability at authorized retailers of the new Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme.
EastWest Hollywood Orchestra

EastWest bundles the Hollywood libraries

Published at 12:26 within EastWest Hollywood Orchestra
EastWest compiled all its Hollywood orchestral libraries into the new Hollywood Orchestra bundle with a special introductory price.
Hot news Akai AMX

Akai ships its new AMX and AFX controllers

Published at 12:19 within Akai AMX
Akai started shipping its new AMX and AFX MIDI controllers for Serato DJ.