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Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1

The Audio Damage Sequencer 1 updated

Published at 22:01 within Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1
Audio Damage has released a new firmware for its hardware Sequencer 1 device.
Sinevibes Drift 3

Sinevibes launches the Drift 3 effect processor

Published at 21:55 within Sinevibes Drift 3
Sinevibes announces the release of version 3 of its Drift dual chaotic effect processor for Mac OS X.
Hot news AMS-Neve 1073 DPX

New dual AMS Neve 1073 DPX preamp

Published at 21:49 within AMS-Neve 1073 DPX
AMS Neve will launch in a few weeks a new two-channel version with extended features of its flagship mic/instrument/line preamp, the 1073 DPX.
Hot news Molten Voltage Big Muff MIDI

MIDI on the Big Muff

Published at 16:07 within Molten Voltage Big Muff MIDI
That’s probably what was missing to make the iconic Electro-Harmonix fuzz pedal the perfect effect, and that’s what Molten Voltage has done.
Hiss and a Roar Mechanism

The noise of the machines

Published at 15:55 within Hiss and a Roar Mechanism
Sound designer Tim Prebble, aka Hiss and a Roar, has released Mechanism, a large sample library with sounds of all kinds of machines and tools.
UVI SparkVerb

The UVI SparkVerb on sale this weekend

Published at 15:49 within UVI SparkVerb
This weekend’s UVI promotion offers you the opportunity to grab the SparkVerb reverb plug-in for Mac and Windows for a discounted price.
Wampler Pedals Plexi-Drive Deluxe

The Wampler Plexi-Drive in Deluxe version

Published on 02/26/15 within Wampler Pedals Plexi-Drive Deluxe
Wampler Pedal will launch tomorrow a Deluxe edition of its Plexi-Drive Marshall-style overdrive pedal.
Meris 440 Mic Pre

Meris designs API 500 modules

Published on 02/26/15 within Meris 440 Mic Pre
Meris is a young Californian company that debuted last year with audio modules in Lunchbox format.
Hot news 4114 Custom Effect Flux Capacitor

4114 Custom Effect Flux Capacitor

Published on 02/26/15 within 4114 Custom Effect Flux Capacitor
If Marty McFly lands with Doc’s Delorean on October 21st as expected, he’ll be able to add to its guitar rig the Flux Capacitor delay pedal.
Yamaha AC6R

Yamaha AC6R acoustic-electric guitar

Published on 02/26/15 within Yamaha AC6R
Yamaha introduces a new guitar in the A Series, the AC6R acoustic-electric, an evolution of the AC3R in limited edition.