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Hofner Guitars Eco Violin Bass

Höfner Violon Bass with composite fingerboard

Published on 10/22/14 within Hofner Guitars Eco Violin Bass
Höfner completed the tests of its new fingerboards and launches the Eco version of its Violin Bass.
Apple GarageBand 2013

Apple updates all GarageBand versions

Published on 10/22/14 within Apple GarageBand 2013
Apple released an update for its GarageBand app and software on both Mac OS X and iOS.
Spitfire Audio The Grange

Spitfire records Chad Smith at The Grange

Published on 10/22/14 within Spitfire Audio The Grange
Spitfire finally got out of the Air Studios to play some rock with Chad Smith at a well-known south-London studio.
Native Instruments

Native Instruments has issues with Yosemite

Published on 10/22/14 within Native Instruments
Native Instruments informs its customers equipped with Avid drivers that some of its software have compatibility issues with OS X 10.10.
AER Compact 60-3 Slope

Floor monitor version of the AER Compact 60/3

Published on 10/22/14 within AER Compact 60-3 Slope
AER unveiled a new floor monitor version of its Compact 60/3 amplifier for electric-acoustic guitar, the Compact Slope.
Hot news Rob Papen QUAD RE

Quad, Rob Papen’s new Rack Extension

Published on 10/22/14 within Rob Papen QUAD RE
Rob Papen released a video that introduces his upcoming Quad virtual synthesizer for the Reason DAW.
Elektron Octatrack

The Elektron Octatrack is back in stocks

Published on 10/22/14 within Elektron Octatrack
Elektron announces the return of its Octatrack sequencer/sampler with a new OS and a free expansion pack.
Wavesfactory Retro Keys I

3 vintage keyboards for Kontakt at Wavesfactory

Published on 10/22/14 within Wavesfactory Retro Keys I
Wavesfactory introduces Retro Keys I, a collection of three keyboards from the 70s for the full version of Kontakt.
Manda Audio MT Power Drum Kit 2

The MT Power Drumkit 2 is now free

Published on 10/22/14 within Manda Audio MT Power Drum Kit 2
Manda Audio now offers its MT Power Drumkit 2 multi-layer drum sampler for Mac and PC for free.
Hot news Recording & Mixing

How to Replace Bad Notes or Chords via Copy and Paste

Published on 10/22/14 within Recording & Mixing
In part 1 of this article we discussed using cut, copy and paste editing techniques to fix rhythmic mistakes. This time around, we'll use those same edit tools to replace notes that are the wrong p...