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Hot news Waves Butch Vig Vocals

[NAMM][VIDEO] 3 new Waves plug-ins

Published at 14:15 within Waves Butch Vig Vocals
Waves is at NAMM 2015 to introduce three upcoming plug-ins: Butch Vig’s vocal processor, the original dbx 160 recreation and the hybrid H-Reverb.
Hot news Avid Pro Tools 12

[NAMM][VIDEO] Avid Pro Tools 12 and First

Published at 13:24 within Avid Pro Tools 12
Mike met Tony Carridi at NAMM 2015 who gave us an insight of the new Avid Pro Tools 12 subscription system and online services.
Hot news Blue Microphones Hummingbird

[NAMM][VIDEO] Blue Microphones Hummingbird

Published at 13:12 within Blue Microphones Hummingbird
Audiofanzine visited the Blue Microphones booth at NAMM 2015 to know more about the Hummingbird small diaphragm condenser mic.
Hot news Radikal Technologies RT451

[NAMM][VIDEO] Radikal RT451

Published at 03:19 within Radikal Technologies RT451
We met Radikal Technologies at NAMM 2015 for a presentation of their new RT451 Eurorack filter.
Hot news Kemper Profiler Remote

[NAMM][VIDEO] Kemper Profiler Remote

Published at 03:17 within Kemper Profiler Remote
Kemper will add this year a footswitch for its Profiler amp range. They also announced an update for the amps.
Hot news Ampeg SCR-DI


Published at 01:55 within Ampeg SCR-DI
We met the Ampeg team at NAMM 2015 for a presentation of the new SCR-DI bass preamp and DI pedal that includes the Scrambler overdrive.
Denon DJ MC4000

[NAMM] Denon DJ MC4000 controller

Published at 01:39 within Denon DJ MC4000
Denon DJ also introduces at NAMM a new 2-channel MIDI controller for Serato DJ, the MC4000.
Bugera T5 Infinium

[NAMM] Bugera T5 Infinium mini head

Published at 01:33 within Bugera T5 Infinium
Among the new products Bugera introduces at NAMM 2015, we find a mini 5W guitar amp head equipped with the Infinium technology.
Denon DJ DS1

[NAMM] A vinyl interface for Serato

Published at 01:25 within Denon DJ DS1
Denon DJ had this brilliant idea with the DS1, a small tool for turntablist DJs that is introduced this weekend at NAMM 2015.
Hot news Diamond Amplification 327SD

[NAMM][VIDEO] Diamond Amplification 327SD

Published at 01:18 within Diamond Amplification 327SD
Michael Soldano did not release an amp of his own this year, but he added his name and sound to a Diamond Amplification model.