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Hot news Sound Techniques

What are Fab Dupont and The Arrows up to?

Published at 12:20 within Sound Techniques
You can now discover the third episode of the From Creation to Mix video series by Avid and Puremix, in partnership with Audiofanzine.
Hot news Cort MBC1 Matthew Bellamy Signature

[NAMM] Matthew Bellamy signs a Cort guitar

Published on 12/16/14 within Cort MBC1 Matthew Bellamy Signature
Cort will introduce at the NAMM Show 2015 in January the MBC1, Matthew Bellamy’s first commercial model.
SoundsDivine Other Voices

Soundsdivine Other Voices library for Codex

Published on 12/16/14 within SoundsDivine Other Voices
Soundsdivine completes the Waves Codex sound collection with the Other Voices preset library.
Audanika SoundPrism Electro

Audanika SoundPrism Electro on the iPad

Published on 12/16/14 within Audanika SoundPrism Electro
Audanika adds an Electro chord progression-based app to its SoundPrism music creation series for the iPad.
Toontrack Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack

New Songwriting MIDI bundle for EZkeys

Published on 12/16/14 within Toontrack Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack
If you own any of the EZkeys pianos or keyboards, Toontrack has launched a 6 MIDI library bundle available at a special price.
Hot news Tracktion Software Corporation Tracktion 5

An in-app store now in Tracktion 5

Published on 12/16/14 within Tracktion Software Corporation Tracktion 5
Tracktion 5 now includes a Marketplace that allows you to purchase effect and instrument plug-ins directly within the DAW.
SquaredHeads Nora 2

Nora has been upgraded to v2

Published on 12/16/14 within SquaredHeads Nora 2
Spanish developers Squareheads have released version 2 of their Nora MIDI editor, arpeggiator and sequencer.
Hot news DMG Audio Essence

DMG Essence, a De-Esser for your mixes

Published on 12/16/14 within DMG Audio Essence
DMG Audio introduces a new De-Esser plug-in that can do more than de-essing on Mac et PC.
McDSP FutzBox RE

The McDSP FutzBox in RE version for Reason

Published on 12/16/14 within McDSP FutzBox RE
McDSP and Propellerhead announce the availability of the Rack Extension edition of the FutzBox lo-fi effect plug-in for Reason.
The Retronyms Phase84

The Phase84 synth for iPad is out

Published on 12/16/14 within The Retronyms Phase84
After months of teasing, The Retronyms finally released on the AppStore their Phase84 virtual synthesizer for the iPad.