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Understand and minimize latency when recording in your DAW – Part 2

Published on 04/24/15 within Sound Techniques
Finding an acceptable level of latency is something everyone making music with computers must deal with at times. For some of us it's child's play, but for some others it can get complicated very q...
Hot news Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro 3

Review of Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3

Published on 04/23/15 within Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro 3
The folks at Synchro Arts, renowned for their VocAlign software, recently came out with Revoice Pro 3, the latest version of their software that incorporates vocal alignment, pitch correction, doub...
Hot news EastWest

EastWest launches a subscription system

Published on 04/22/15 within EastWest
EastWest follows the new trend and launches the ComposerCloud subscription plan that allows anyone to access all their sound libraries.
Hot news Sound Synthesis

Sound synthesis, sound design and audio processing - Part 23

Published on 04/22/15 within Sound Synthesis
After having explored synthesis methods that have opened the doors to the most extravagant worlds of sound, today I invite you to tread a more conventional path: The artificial reproduction of well...
Hot news Ardour Ardour 4

Ardour 4 DAW is out on all platforms

Published on 04/21/15 within Ardour Ardour 4
Ardour 4 has been released and is now officially available on Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and for the first time on Windows.
Dmitry Sches Tantra

Tantra, new rhythmic multi-effect plug-in

Published on 04/21/15 within Dmitry Sches Tantra
Dmitry Sches announces the release of Tantra, a rhythmic multi-effect plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.
D16 Group Antresol

D16 Group announces the Antresol Flanger

Published on 04/21/15 within D16 Group Antresol
D16 Group is about to release Antresol, a new BBD analog flanger plug-in included in the Silver Box series.
SmartVL SmartVL2

SmartVL2 remotely controls the VoiceLive 2

Published on 04/21/15 within SmartVL SmartVL2
SmartVL2 is a utility that extends features and adds remote control for the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 vocal processor from a PC or controller.
Musicalentropy Guitar Gadgets

Guitar Gadgets updated to version 1.2

Published on 04/21/15 within Musicalentropy Guitar Gadgets
The Musicalentropy Guitar Gadgets v1.2 update adds two new virtual effects for guitar.
IK Multimedia AmpliTube UA

AmpliTube UA on all Android devices

Published on 04/21/15 within IK Multimedia AmpliTube UA
IK Multimedia first released the AmpliTube UA app on a limited number of Samsung devices. The app is now available for all devices.