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Hot news Eventide H9 Max

(Almost) All Eventide in the H9 Max

Published at 21:00 within Eventide H9 Max
Eventide launches the latest edition in the H9 multi-effect series for guitars and will offer one H9 Max Gold 24k limited edition.

[BKFR] Special offers at Soundiron’s too

Published at 20:53 within Soundiron
If you visit the Soundiron website this week, you’ll see that the Black Friday sale has already started.

[BKFR] 8Dio launches Black Friday Sales

Published at 20:48 within 8dio
8Dio is giving you one full week to grab its entire catalog with up to 50% discounts, including it EDM sound libraries.
Hot news DigiTech Mosaic

Simulate a 12-string guitar with Mosaic

Published at 20:40 within DigiTech Mosaic
Mosaic, DigiTech’s latest polyphonic effect pedal, will add body and dimension to any 6-string electric and electric-acoustic guitar.
Fxpansion BFD 3

FXpansion launches Holiday Sales

Published at 20:34 within Fxpansion BFD 3
FXpansion did not wait until Black Friday to launch its promotion period, which runs until December 31st.
Tempo Rubato Historic Harpsichords - Ruckers 1628

A 1628 Ruckers harpsichord on iOS

Published at 20:30 within Tempo Rubato Historic Harpsichords - Ruckers 1628
TempoRubato has launched on the AppStore a harpsichord app based on the samples of a 1628 Rucker flemish instrument.
Hot news Moog Music

[BKFR] -10% off Moog instruments for the US

Published at 20:23 within Moog Music
US residents can benefit from the Moog Black Friday sale and get 10% off the brand’s instruments.
Loops de la Crème Cymbal Rolls

Create dynamic cymbal swells in Kontakt

Published at 14:39 within Loops de la Crème Cymbal Rolls
Julien Tauban, aka Loops de la Crème, introduces a new sound library dedicated to dynamic cymbals swells in Kontakt.
sonicLAB CosmosF 2

The Cosmosƒ virtual synths updated

Published at 14:33 within sonicLAB CosmosF 2
SonicLab has updated all of its Cosmosƒ, VSaturn, vFX and WFS virtual synth editions for expanded automation and remote control.
Hot news Wampler Pedals Cranked OD 2014

Wampler launches the Cranked OD Limited Edition

Published at 14:29 within Wampler Pedals Cranked OD 2014
Wampler Pedals is going to release a very special and limited edition of its Cranked overdrive pedal on Friday, November 28th.