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Hot news Waves OneKnob Pumper

[BKFR] Friday’s Freeware: OneKnob Pumper

Published at 20:21 within Waves OneKnob Pumper
Waves has launched a new Black Friday sale this weekend, with up to 80% discounts and a free OneKnob plug-in.

[BKFR] Black Friday at Heavyocity

Published at 15:59 within Heavyocity
The Black Friday sale at Heavyocity is available for one week on all the sample libraries for Kontakt and Ableton.
Garritan CFX Concert Grand

[BKFR] 100% off the Garritan CFX Piano

Published at 15:55 within Garritan CFX Concert Grand
Garritan offers a nice $100 discount off its latest CFX Concert Grand piano library from Abbey Road.
Hot news Ample Sound

[BKFR] Holiday Sale at Ample Sound’s

Published at 15:51 within Ample Sound
Ample Sound offers up to 55% discounts off its virtual basses and guitars until January 1st, 2015.

[BKFR] -33% off LinPlug instruments

Published at 15:47 within LinPlug
LinPlug offers a 33% discounts off all its virtual instruments until the end of the year.
Universal Audio

[BKFR] Universal Audio plug-ins on sale

Published at 14:47 within Universal Audio
For the next 3 days, Universal Audio offers serious discounts off its virtual processors for UAD-2 cards and Apollo audio interfaces.
Hot news SoundToys

[BKFR] Big Deals at SoundToys

Published at 14:42 within SoundToys
SoundToys says its current sale is the Blackest they ever had, with big discounts off all plug-ins and bundles.
Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra

[BKFR] Sale on Steinberg VST Instruments

Published at 14:38 within Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Steinberg offers this weekend a special 50% discount off a selection of VST Instrument packs.
Hot news PreSonus Studio One 2

[BKFR] PreSonus Studio One and Notion deals

Published at 14:34 within PreSonus Studio One 2
2 special offers now at PreSonus, one for the Studio One DAW and the other one for the Notion notation software.
Positive Grid Bias Desktop

[BKFR] Black Friday at Positive Grid’s

Published at 14:29 within Positive Grid Bias Desktop
Positive Grids lowers the price of its Bias Desktop software and iOS app as well as other apps.