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Hot news Audio Damage FuzzPlus3

Friday’s Freeware: FuzzPlus

Published at 01:30 within Audio Damage FuzzPlus3
Upon general request, Audio Damage reworked his free FuzzPlus distortion plug-in, nearly 10 years after the release of the last version.
Loops de la Crème Chimes Deluxe

Loops de la Crème launches Chimes Deluxe

Published at 01:24 within Loops de la Crème Chimes Deluxe
Loops de la Crème introduces a new sample library for Kontakt 5 featuring the sounds of 3 sets of chimes.
Sonic Faction

Sonic Faction Ableton Live add-ons on sale

Published at 01:19 within Sonic Faction
Sonic Faction offers a 20% discount off its virtual effects and instruments for Ableton Live until June 15th.
Railhammer Alnico Grande

New Railhammer Alnico Grande guitar pickup

Published at 01:16 within Railhammer Alnico Grande
Railhammer introduces the Alnico Grande, a new bridge pickup for guitar that employs Alnico 5 magnets.
Spitfire Audio Sable Vol3

Spitfire Sable 3 updated and flash sale

Published at 01:11 within Spitfire Audio Sable Vol3
Spitfire has released an update for its Sable 3 string collection and offers a 50% discount of the Chamber Strings Complete bundle.
Hot news IK Multimedia Terry Bozzio Drums

Terry Bozzio and Alan Parsons in SampleTank 3

Published at 01:04 within IK Multimedia Terry Bozzio Drums
IK Multimedia called drummer Terry Bozzio and producer/engineer Alan Parsons to create to drum and piano libraries for SampleTank 3.
HorNet ELM128

New HoRNet ELM128 loudness meter plug-in

Published at 00:55 within HorNet ELM128
HoRNet launches a new plug-in designed to measure the loudness in your audio projects in compliance with the EBU R128 standard.

MIDI in your web browser?

Published at 00:41 within Google
Google Chrome now includes the WebMIDI protocole.
Bare Knuckle Pickups Cobra T

Bare Knuckle Cobra T pickup for Telecaster

Published at 00:38 within Bare Knuckle Pickups Cobra T
Bare Knuckle Pickups has launched a new model in the Contemporary series for Telecaster-type electric guitars.
VirSyn Arpeggist

An arpeggiator for the iPad by VirSyn

Published at 00:33 within VirSyn Arpeggist
VirSyn has released on the iPad a new MIDI note arpeggiator with randomize option for the iPad called Arpeggist.