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Richard Devine on sound design, synths, software, studios and more

Published on 08/22/14 within Sound Design
You may have heard Richard Devine’s distinctive electronic compositions, or seen his name on patch collections in various synths, but most likely when you hear his work it’s a system sound in a com...
Acustica Audio Red Eq

Freeware: Acustica Red EQ

Published on 08/20/14 within Acustica Audio Red Eq
Nebula’s father, Acustica, designed an EQ that is available as a free VST plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.
Ample Sound Ample Bass P

Ample Sound models a bass guitar

Published on 08/20/14 within Ample Sound Ample Bass P
Following the success of its acoustic and electric guitars, Ample Sound now models a Precision Bass.
Hot news Arturia

Arturia celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Published on 08/20/14 within Arturia
Through September 8th, Arturia reduces by two the price of 15 of its software products.
Advanced AudioWaves TAP - Track Align Pro

Track Align Pro updated to v1.3.1

Published on 08/20/14 within Advanced AudioWaves TAP - Track Align Pro
Advanced AudioWaves released a new update for Track Align Pro with Pro Tools 11.2 and Nuendo 6.5 support.
Zvork LeSpace

Zvork LeSpace Wide Rhythmic Multi-Echo

Published on 08/20/14 within Zvork LeSpace
Zvork announced the availability of the LeSpace multi-echo Rack Extension for the Propellerhead Reason DAW.
Hot news Pascal Gauthier - Digital Surburban Dexed

Freeware: the DX7 in open source

Published on 08/20/14 within Pascal Gauthier - Digital Surburban Dexed
If you are a huge fan of the Yamaha DX7, you can have a look at the emulation developed by two little geniuses for Mac, PC and Linux.
WNP Sounds ManiaCo

ManiaCo updated to v1.2

Published on 08/20/14 within WNP Sounds ManiaCo
The WNP Sounds team listened to their users and completely reworked their ManiaCo virtual synth.
VirSyn Tera Synth

The VirSyn Tera now on iPad

Published on 08/20/14 within VirSyn Tera Synth
VirSyn released on the AppStore the iPad version of their Tera Synth.
Acoustic A20

Acoustic A20 for guitar and vocals

Published on 08/20/14 within Acoustic A20
Acoustic has launched a new amplifier for vocals and acoustic instruments.