Warwick WCA 410
Warwick WCA 410

Bass Guitar Speaker from the WA series by WarwickView website

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Warwick WCA 410 : Flo667's user review

" Large" 6 (6/10)

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Product bought new in 2012

Characteristics 6/10

Cabinet with four 10-inch HP and an adjustable tweeter.
400 watts into 8 ohms or 4 depending on model.
Bass reflex design with a front vent for proper dissemination of low.
Carpet covering, metal corners and grille.
Two coaxial connectors Speakercable lockable; Frequency range: 35 Hz - 20 kHz
105dB SPL, 96 dB (Warwick site)
40 Pounds of Love and two large handles for carrying it all!

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Baffle équipé de quatre HP de 10 pouces et d'un tweeter réglable.
400 watts sous 8 ou 4 ohms selon le modèle.
Conception bass reflex avec un évent frontale pour une bonne diffusion des basses.
Revêtement moquette, coins et grille en métal.
2 coaxial, lockable Speakercable connectors; Frequency range: 35 Hz – 20 kHz
SPL 105db; 96 db (site Warwick)
40 Kilos d'amour et deux grosses poignées pour porter tout ça!

Sounds 6/10

Level one is between the entry and mid-range, so it does its job, but need not ask him too.
I needed a speaker who collects and sends a tight budget so I found that the destocking by VPC on a French site (if the price is between 340 and 400 €)
The front vent is a significant point, in concert outdoors without a stitch I have not had any trouble getting heard. This is a 4x10 so it covers a fairly wide range and we dynamics.
Against by the tweeter is unusable, it generates a lot of screaming and breath.
I actually run the warranty to replace it because the first sizzled.

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Niveau son on est entre l'entrée et le moyen de gamme, donc ça fait son boulot.
L'évent frontale est un point non négligeable, en concert en extérieur sans être repiqué je n'ai pas eu de mal à me faire entendre. C'est un 4x10 donc on couvre une palette assez large et on a de la dynamique.

Overall Opinion 5/10

Bought a few months ago because the sound system in which I plugged the DI repeat in my péamp was just power and I needed an amp for gigs.
I have been riding a cab Peavey before, but it was just power and weighed 5 or 7 pounds heavier.
Value for money is okay, especially considering the price and I got it.
Its weight is a big disadvantage, with a devil it does, but must lift to put in his car ...
With the experience I would reiterate a cab probably not as heavy, but with a small budget hard to beat, and opportunity to be found near home or fork out € 50 for UPS.
So if one is not very demanding or not that means it can be an alternative to other Ashdown and Hartke.

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Acheté il y a quelques mois, car la sono dans laquelle je branchais la DI de mon péamp en répète était juste en puissance et il me fallait un ampli pour les concerts.
J'ai pu tester un cab Peavey avant, mais il était juste en puissance et pesait 5 ou 7 kilos de plus.
Rapport qualité prix c'est correct.
Avec l'expérience je surement un cab plus léger, mais avec un petit budget difficile de faire mieux.
Donc ça peut être une alternative aux Ashdown et autre Hartke.