Yamaha FG800
Yamaha FG800

Dreadnought Steel String Guitar of the FG series

User Reviews: 51 Average price: $200
Average used price: $176
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relayer1 12/23/2016

Yamaha FG800 : relayer1's user review

"The Best Deal in Retail Acoustic Guitars"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
The Yamaha FG-800 is Yamaha's upgrade and replacement for the FG-700s, the best selling acoustic guitar of all time. They changed the bracing so it would have deeper bass. Now it sounds more like a Martin and less like a Taylor. I don't think it's a better guitar than the 700s, just different.
Both have a solid sitka spruce top! I don't think there is another $200 guitar with a sitka top. The Fender DG-8s is Engelmann spruce, one step down, And the Takamine EG-240 I used to have had an Engelmann spruce top, and cost about a hundred more. Between that, and Yamaha's great construction and quality control, is why I think it is the best deal in retail guitars. It doesn't have any of the fancy abalone inlay of some of it's more expensive cousins, or a rosewood back and sides, but if you are concerned about sound and not looks, why pay an extra $100-$150 for looks? The back and sides are laminated, regardless if it's mahogany or rosewood, so the effect on sound will be minimal. I don't have just one style of playing on guitar, so I need a guitar that does it all well. It's not going to sound as good as a Martin D-18, but my best friend has a D-18, and the difference is less than you would think. It sounds better than my Art & Lutherie Cedar topped all-wood body guitar, and isn't as fragile
by a long shot. And for those that don't know a lot about guitars, and are thinking about buying their first, remember this: "Select Spruce" is advertising-speak for a laminate top, or plywood, basically. Don't get it!

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