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Along with the piano, the guitar is certainly the most played instrument in the world because it combines rhythmic and harmonic richness while remaining relatively affordable… and transportable. Acoustics, electrics or acoustic-electrics, it consists of a fretted neck and a body (or resonance table), over which are stretched 6 to 12 strings that are plucked to produce sound.
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  • 03/03/15Guitare Washburn DIME 333 signature DIMEBAG DARREL

    Guitare Washburn DIME 333 signature DIMEBAG DARRELhas images

    dimes - Versailles, Ile-de-France France

    Vends guitare Washburn DIME 333 signature DIMEBAG DARREL. Bon état dans l'ensemble, juste un petit poc sur la tête du manche et un autre en bas de la gutiare. Equipé du KIT EMG Zakk WYLDE....

  • 02/05/15MT tube preamp

    MT tube preamphas images

    Dezzmon - Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhegorodskaya oblast Russia

    Warning! Available for order. Made only to order. Manufacturing period 4-10 weeks.