Amidio, Inc Star Guitar

Amidio Inc has released Star Guitar — an iPhone/iPod Touch application that enables the user to play automatic guitar rhythms, both strumming and picking types.

Star Guitar is based upon the one-screen interface "StarChords", which allows selection of 144 chords. Those chords can be strummed in a manual way (thanks to the "SmartStrumming" technology), or automatically. All sounds are generated in realtime with the new "SampleMagic" technology.

Almost any song can be played with just 10-20 screen taps, according to Amidio. There are 20 different guitar rhythm patterns (pop, reggae, jazz, ballad) in Star Guitar 1.0 and the library is extendable. There are 3 guitars by default (Acoustic Silver, Mellow Jazz, Electro Chorused).

Users can also utilize voice recorder and record guitar and voice simultaneously. Among the advanced features are .WAV export, built-in Wi-Fi server, direct export to Intua Beatmaker, overdub recording, loading custom loops for playing in the background, built-ib help.

Star Guitar is initially offered at $3.99.

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