Yamaha FG-401
Yamaha FG-401

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Yamaha FG-401 : Morgane-G's user review

" An excellent tool" 9 (9/10)

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Product bought used in January 2011

Characteristics 8/10

An acoustic guitar in excellent condition, with all its strings and frets.

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Une guitare acoustique en excellent état, comportant toutes ses frets et cordes.

Utilization 9/10

It is a light guitar, not difficult to handle, easily transportable.
It has excellent sound.

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C'est une guitare légère, pas difficile à manier, assez facilement transportable.
Elle a un excellent son.

Sounds 9/10

You can play any style.

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On peut y jouer tous les styles.

Overall Opinion 9/10

Its former owner had since the 90s and I used it for eight months.

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Son ancien propriétaire l'avait depuis les années 90 et je m'en suis servie durant huit mois.
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