Clavia Nord Lead 4
Clavia Nord Lead 4

Analog Modeling Synth

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[Musikmesse] The Nord Lead 4 unveiled

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The info was only to be released on wednesday, but Clavia spilled its own beans and introduces today the Nord Lead 4, or better said, 2 of them.

The Clavia Nord Lead 4 will be available in two versions, including one with a velocity sensitive 49-key keyboard (C to C).

Both synths are 4-part multi-timbral with 4 separate outputs. They feature subtractive VA synthesis with 2 oscillators, frequency modulation, Hard and Soft-Sync and Unison (up to 4 oscillators per voice), as well as wavetable synthesis with special formant wavetables.

Morphing and 7 assignable variation controls are included, along with 12 and 24 db/octave low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters, diode and solid state Ladder filter simulations, LFO/Arpeggiator sections, modulation envelope with configurable routing and an effect section with delay, crush, talk, distortion and reverb for each of the 4 slots. The audio engine also includes x2 oversampling.

The Clavia Nord Lead 4 are equipped with USB MIDI ports.

The keyboard version will be available in May and the Nord Lead 4R (rackable) in August. Prices are still to be announced. You can listen to audio demos on the dedicated website

Along with the Nord Lead 4, Clavia will also unveil at Musikmesse the Nord Drum 2 (499€), the update of its drum machine with 6 channels, resonance modulation, FM synthesis, distortion effects and stereo outputs with pan and CC controls ; the Nord Pad (259€), a multi-pad that can be connected to the Nord Drum 2 via Ethernet, and the Nord Piano 2 HP, a 73-key version of the HA88 digital piano, for which dedicated news will be released as soon as all the details are communicated.

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