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New noise oscillator module at Hexinverter

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Hexinverter will soon launch Jupiter Storm, a new 14HP Eurorack module that can be ordered assembled or as a DIY kit.

Jupiter Storm is an algorithmic noise oscillator based on Op Amps and discrete logic gates that uses three oscillators with square waveform. The sound produces is describes as "cosmic", with a lot of harmonic and different timbres.

A Noise Core Disruptor is included if you want to amplify the sonic distortion in order to create extreme textures.

The Eurorack module features outputs for the three VCO, a CV input for each oscillator as well as for the osc together and for outputs are completed by their own Noise Core Disruptor function.

No information regarding the price of the assembled module. DIY fans can order the PCB and front panel for $25 each at Audio demos and full details are available at

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