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Eynkel 07/27/2013

Eynkel's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Perfect changed!"

This is a large diaphragm microphone made in China.
It requires 48V phantom power and has 3 Cardio-Omni-directional bi-directional. There is a PAD and high pass short, it is complete!


I do utilisai for more than 5 years ago when I bought a AKG414 ...
Until one day, I changed the capsule of a CK12 in microphoneparts (check out the site!) And miraculously!

On his first aggressive in the upper midrange (typical micro Made in PRC) has become well-balanced and very enjoyable.

This is a small modification of about € 75, and it changes the situation squarely.

Another possible Modified: replace the capacitors
One can also consider changing polyester condos for polypropylenes, but personally, I am bound to the capsule, and that's enough, because I have enough other mics wide membranne.

Anyway, I now have a static great for not so expensive. It keeps a fairly snapping color and will fit without problems in various application. (Already used our stamp snare, made spotless!)

The value for money is not worth an equivalent T-BONE in my opinion, but once the mod done, because there is a whole new microphone that stows stride alongside my AKG C414, although different. But for me, the goal is the diversity of voices in my fleet of large diaphragm condenser microphones (G7/C414/U67).

Most is without doubt the multitude of options offering for the price.

This is the least aggressive and unpleasant color for multi-purpose such.

I will not repeat that choice because I would much rather go DIY projects on static rather than using made in unsatisfactory RPC without edit.
That said, this is a perfect microphone for a good catch when the capsule is changed (which is simple!)
zeetoon 02/17/2012

zeetoon's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Unreliable"

Micro which I intended to singing ... very good at first.


Used for 7/8 years, this is my first micro "static". I made some very good catches of voice, until it emits a constant buzz, cracks, plops and other unwelcome noises. Therefore unusable for some time, it is possible a repair on this type of pickups? I think more for the same cost to buy a AKG or Sennheiser microphone ...
Furt 02/27/2005

Furt's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Large dual-diaphragm condenser microphone made in China.
Everything is there: filter, pad, 3 directional (cardio, omni, at 8), suspension, windscreen, bag.
The beast is impressive in size and weight.
Manufacturing seems neat.


When they arrived on the market, the Studio Projects have been acclaimed by some American engineers who were as good as the Neumann U87 (it's amazing the number of microphones 100 balls that are as good as the U87) . To believe that the sound engineer then had the m .... in the ears or had been paid to write this.

Indeed, the C3 is, given its price, a good microphone. But in terms of quality, it is far behind the Neumann (even the TLM 103), AKG 414, and even some Oktava.

First, the sound seems fine because the mediums are present, and then, searching, there is a light veil cottony, treble a little harsh, short, one of a questionable uniformity and without personality.
This is especially evident on the female voices that tend to mute, the wind instruments like the sound it hardens. Do not talk about it completely distorts the harp.
It may be misled on some Japanese pianos for whom it will strengthen the serious deficiencies and to some nylon string guitars.

It represented a microphone that, initially, a quality / price. Since it was exceeded in this area including SE Electronics.
obelik 11/01/2004

obelik's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Micro impeccable tt which requires finesse or something delicate like a record cybale, voice or acoustic guitar


Used for 5 months with no means of comparison, rather demanding in nature and have been bleuf when a recording of the voice! No uncompressed audio sounds already very profesional
I sold it for personal reasons but I think it's a mic you can keep for life because it can be absolutely tt ..... I realis sound effects larger than life!
The report qual / price is remarkable
yann70 05/28/2004

yann70's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

APRS doing some laps in the shops of the capital, sounding a little vendors on the purchase of a micro budget not expensive, even prohibitive (Newman and co exclude it!), I suggest the brand studio project. Comes straight from China, it seems, in the process of flooding the market by the quality of products sold.

I am back home, his eyes shining with my C3 when even bought 475 euros.
And the great dsillusion!
But I told the salesman even a microphone when voice directions taken with a grain especially warm and round, but capable of being Polivalente, namely taking out a few of saturated guitar amp, as a micro mood or so in direct occasionally.


No, really I do not t excited about the product. The sound is clear and certainly prcis, but it is ultra metal and lack of personality normment. When it costs a vote taken, it does DGIG anything, from a flopped IDE that runs through the mind know how to live what we are in the process of listen

In short I changed my IDE to find a dpart Rode NT 2000. Features and Mrs. same basic function (omni, cardode in eight, and high pass-10dB gain) and 100 euros cheaper but I assure you that the it is really another dimension . Warmth, personality quality of manufacture (I could not remove the XLR on the C3!) Rode the almost two times heavier in short, that happiness with me.
The C3 is a good microphone, but for him and those looking for a micro pluttmtal and no personality (can be more easily treated derrire).
I also think that the margins of distributors and dealers, are more important on these new products on the values ​​SRES and dj Rode as well established. In short is it just a commercial hypocrisy? I felt like that.
zédlamix 03/09/2004

zédlamix's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Micro with 3 polarity and a-10dB pad and 150Hz low-cut has I believe
useful for making any


I used the last 3 months (taken voice only)
j APREC its sound, thanks to its variable polarity Polivalente
I find that it has a low output despite the preamps on my sound card (Hoontech DSP2000) therefore provide a good preamp behind
j I have compared a audix and bpm and qualitprix Nothing to say
over time I do it again the same choices I think also hesitate to take even a second story of a couple having a stereo
Patotripack 04/15/2003

Patotripack's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

- Micro capacitors three polarities: omni - by 8 - cardioid

- For everything, guitar, vocals, sound diverse and varied ... formidable couple


I use it for two weeks is an incredible micro.

It is rather neutral but highly accurate means really everything with him, the slightest sound, even from sources which we do not pay attention before setting gains. Obviously, it is not so hot
the TB1 of the same brand, but to tell you, with these two mics I was also able to perform miracles ... recording the voice of a singer at the base not very musical to make it more " Silky, "softer and more importantly, allow a decision much more flexible post-processing (compression, reverb ...), I ordered online € 350 instead of 600 € in France, the once I took two.
My great regret is not being able to compare it to the Neumann 87, everyone says they are worth .... to check ...
It's a personal opinion, I prefer the C3 Neumann TLM103 and RODE NT2.
Finally I would recommend a preamp quality that really makes the difference.