Boss BE-5 Guitar Multiple Effects
Boss BE-5 Guitar Multiple Effects

Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar of the BE series

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Target: Beginners
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toche13 06/03/2012

toche13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " The solid that lasts lontemps"

Boss Guitar Effects Guide Book Vol 7 (1991):

Integrates five high-quality effects essential for guitarists
Features of the Five Most popular guitar effects, Including compressor, overdrive / distortion, digital delay, noise suppressor and chorus.

Effects are ugly out in the MOST effective order for guitar applications For instance, the chorus is the after the digital delay Located in the signal chain, Enabling wide 3-dimensional sounds.

The Color control lets you mix overdrive and distortion, or choose Between the two.

The chorus features outstanding stereo dimensional effect year varies That DEPENDING on the placement of left and right speakers.

The send / return jacks allow system expansion using an external effect unit or volume pedal. A tuner out is Provided for speedy tuning, and the headphone jack Enables silent monitoring.

Compact and lightweight design.


The config is easy, no preset everything is done with the old knobs.


chorus, compression and delay are very good and configurable by the cons overdrive distortion is not really terrible


I use it for 20 years, he made a few years in piano bars and small stages, without any problems.
Simple and strong!
ludovicloco 05/31/2010

ludovicloco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

everything is said about the other reviews


config super simple, as if there were 5 pedals one after the other.
Edition type pedal


Effects effective, cheap but effective unless the distortion, which even smells a bit qd (super cold)


Aquis there so long that I no longer remember qd output.
It's really good for beginners, discover the effects, but soon even limited qd. I think I had bought 600 francs, which seems rather correct compared to the effects of today's low-end (like zoom, which offers multi-effect preset with bcp but poor quality)
source27 03/04/2007

source27's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

- 4 effects: chorus, delay, distortion / overdrive and compressor
very simple multi-effect, not midifier, technology numrique (I think)
you plug the pedal on your guitar amp and pedals on the rolls and ca

8 because I am attached to the pedal and has a good look, it has a more simple to use! no decision-heads with crean lcd ect ... as knobs with the name at the top, it's wonderful.

I got it used but had the power to jai (original), so it rolls on the other hand can not put batteries inside.


See above, strong enough, even when avita balance.
supports you to trigger the effect.
possibility to adjust the volume effects, it sounds nice but it is con! pedal very easy then, for those that do not want to take the lead!

9 because there is necessarily better now, so I can not put 10, but buy it if you find it, it's worth, she is awesome!


So, let's go in the thick of it ....... proceed with effect effect:

chorus: you rule the effect tappuie you play (not a bad description, test)

delay: the rules you rapidly reptition, the hard way, the volume is cool for me after one of his amateur floydien pink! m'mause I also put a feed back to the max for infinitely repeated!

distortion / overdrive: you rule like ect ... it is not bad, I can find the sounds I want quite easily, the small distortion of the Rolling Stones a good disto van halen (with a little chorus and a slight delay), sympathetic to the taping! if I can put a good disto greasy to the maiden (well in the music of maiden could hear the notes, yavait 3 guitars too ... so, not so fat that! here I find!! c friendly to his type an AC / DC!! tt is said!

the compressor: I feel that AC sucks the sound is nice! I use it for blues solos ca makes pretty good!
I put 8 because it is necessarily better now, but it's extra for beginners but also and especially for repeat, the sound is really not bad !!!!!!! bosss live anyway!!


So let's recap:
a pro would not use this pedal, but it is very easy to operate, there is a manual that explains quite well the connection ect .....

I would do not have that choice because my level is progressing and I need more spcialiss effect, but my beacoup learned a lot and teaches me!

and I love her look!