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  • GFS Vintage 59

    GFS Vintage 59 - "Not exactly as described"


    Bought a pair to put in a BYO LP body with push pull pots to play with the Jimmy Page wiring. These are described as "four wire with ground" yet they are not. They are shielded two wire with a coil tap. One wire is grounded to the shield, one wire…

  • Phase Linear 300

    Phase Linear 300 - "Phase Linear model 300 series two, Collector." has images


    I bought my first PL300 in 1981 while stationed overseas in the USAF. Still have it 40 yrs later with one re condition last year. I have another I bought of E-Bay in excellent physical shape but sent it off too for recondition & up date. They both ar…

  • Yamaha BB604

    Yamaha BB604 - "Still going strong in 2020"


    I bought my 2002 Yamaha BB604 used in 2008 for around $400US. I had it professionally setup and it's been perfect ever since. Action is still low and even, no fret buzz anywhere, electronics all working well. Fret finish and fingerboard are great. …

  • Jackson KS2 Kelly Star

    Jackson KS2 Kelly Star - "Jackson KS2"


    I own this guitar since mid-2013. It is a bolt-on, reverse headstock, solid black guitar. Alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Shark fin inlays. The serial number reads 965****, the output jack plate is oval and on the upper rear "horn" …

  • Beyerdynamic MCE 530

    Beyerdynamic MCE 530 - "A very good mic for recording instruments (both electric and acoustic)"


    I got a stereo pair 5 years ago for not much money. I have other more expensive microphones, but I always reach for these when I want to mic up a speaker cabinet. I've used them on electric pianos, organs, bass amps and all manners of guitar cabinets…

  • Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16

    Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16 - "Realistic Sounding Leslie in a Pedal"


    OVERALL IMPRESSION: The Micro Vent 16, by Neo Instruments, is based on the Fender Vibratone, the latter of which has a 10-inch Leslie speaker. The signal processing uses a very powerful 32-bit SHARC DSP, which is the same one found in the larger Ven…


    Musima STRATOCASTER - "Very nice vintage strat" has images


    I bought this a couple months ago on a secondhand sales site in the netherlands for 65 euro . I would rate myself as a beginner player. The man i bought it from had a couple guitars for sale 2 affinity squires and this lead star guitar.I never heard…

  • Yamaha MT400

    Yamaha MT400 - "Good, effective, simple-yet-versatile fourtrack recorder"


    I picked up on of these relatively cheap. The competition from Tascam fetches much higher prices even in 2020 – undeservedly so, I think: This little Yamaha appears to be as good as the competition! I want to use this recorder for two and a half p…

  • Schecter Demon-7

    Schecter Demon-7 - "Weight"


    i love shecter since the very begining now i am too curios of the official weight, ,and i found this page that could really help me for sure ,if i will buy this product ill go for a whie or a balsck satin Guys could you help me regarding shecter …

  • Focusrite Liquid Mix 16

    Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 - "Superb value for money, not supported for Windows 10 though, so obsolete for alot of people."


    Cubase 8 Artist, Motu 2408 Mk II x 3, Allen & Heath GS3000 console, Carillon Music PC running Windows 10. Since switching to Windows 10. the compressors all have a warbling effect at higher gain levels. I understand there may be compatability issues …