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  • Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut 2015

    Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut 2015 - "A real, tiny, great guitar – and it doesn’t look cheaply made. Is Gibson back?"


    GIBSON re-(re-re-)launches the famous LES PAUL DOUBLE CUT in a heritage cherry gloss (non faded) finish, featuring the new electronic tuning system located behind the back of the head. I haven’t bought it but trie dit on MARSHALL (a rather modern …

  • PuroMojo Plexinho

    PuroMojo Plexinho - "Tiny and loud tube amp for home pratice or band rehearsals"


    This tiny amp is only 1W. Don't be fooled. 1W is not 100 times quieter than a 100W amp. 1W tube amps sound loud, and you still can play within a band with this amp. For a home pratice purpose, this amp is switchable to 0.1W, and u still get the…

  • Acoustica Nightlife

    Acoustica Nightlife - "last"


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  • Gretsch G6131T-TVP Power Jet Firebird

    Gretsch G6131T-TVP Power Jet Firebird - "Unique"


    The Gretsch Powerjet is a made-in-Japan semi-hollowbody guitar. Its shape and construction are clearly inspired by the mythical Gibson Les Paul, with a mahogany body, maple top and mahogany set neck. However, it features important differences: the bo…

  • Keiper 115

    Keiper 115 - "Novelty Guitar"


    This is a peculiar instrument. The twin cutaways, (Venetian and Florentine) do not make for an attractive instrument, which is why I consider it a novelty guitar. Having said that, it plays surprisingly well, and has immensely powerful pickups, not r…

  • BST Alpha 12+

    BST Alpha 12+ - "Super"


    - Bien faire chauffer la membrane avant utilisation - basses profondes pour un HP de cette taille c'est impressionnant, - les satellites suivent largement le caisson, - possibilité de coupler un autre caisson de basse en XLR - petit point négatif…

  • Roland EM-101 SoundPlus

    Roland EM-101 SoundPlus - "Simple old-school analog presets"


    Roland’s EM-101 Sound Plus is a MIDI expander that features 6, non-editable Juno voices: 8 poly presets, 8 mono presets and 8 (surprise !) hidden presets. Unrealistic analog, then. Controls include Volume, Attack, Dynamics (allowing to modulate the …

  • Music Man Axis 25th Anniversary

    Music Man Axis 25th Anniversary - "A real marvel!"


    Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar? I’ve use dit with an all-tube fender blues junior and many effect stompboxes (blackstar, tc electronics....) I play in almost every styles except death metal, and it shines in all of t…

  • TC Electronic BG250-210

    TC Electronic BG250-210 - "Almost perfect for me – except for..."


    One of the rare combos to feature a 2x10" speaker... Lightweight, yet powerful enough for small stages. Doen not color the instrument excessively... It doesn’t provide a Markbass’s sound of punch either, but for such a price it’s more than enough. Th…

  • MXR EVH95SE EVH Wah 35th Anniversary

    MXR EVH95SE EVH Wah 35th Anniversary - "Perfect!"


    So let’s start with the beginning : I got this limited edition pedal for cheaper than the normal edition at thomann. It really looks particularly good. The red paint with black stripes looks really great, plus it seems thick so no risk that it ev…

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