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  • Ibanez JS2000

    Ibanez JS2000 - "JS2000 review "


    I use a mesa boogie rectoverb with my JS2000. PROS Ergonomic to hold and light. (Lies in your arms like a beautiful chick) Neck is simply excellent. Smooth like butter so your finger tips just dance around. Sustain and tone excellent via fixed …

  • Neumann TLM 103

    Neumann TLM 103 - "Okay but look around"


    I borrowed a pair of these to record an acoustic piano at my studio. They looked great, nice and light and easy to place. There seemed to be something missing at the top end. Sure you can eq to hell and back but I like my source sound to be awesome.…

  • Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate

    Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate - "Totally worth it..." has images


    I bought it as an upgrade+promotion of my 10 edition. I use a Win10 PC with i7, 64gb ram, 2xssd disks, audient i22 sound card AND Komplete Keyboard s61, 1st edition. I use it in combination with the S61, through Cubase 9 only for "home studio purpos…

  • Jérôme Marchand Elbe

    Jérôme Marchand Elbe - "An electric beauty" has images


    Of course this guitar does deserve 5 stars – but frankly, how objective can you be when judging a unique, custom-designed model made for you to your own specs? You’d have to judge by yourselves, but I don’t see you being disappointed by Jérôme. Th…

  • Harley Benton AC PRO 60

    Harley Benton AC PRO 60 - "Harley Benton AC PRO 60" has images


    Un piccolo grande amplificatore. Lo uso per farci un po' di tutto. Chitarra manouche, chitarra jazz, sonorizzare ambienti medi grazie al fatto che avendo altoparlante bassi e tweeter il suono è abbastanza HiFi. Dotato di due canali e ingresso RCA è …

  • Antonio Pinto Carvalho JMD200 WLN

    Antonio Pinto Carvalho JMD200 WLN - "ntonio Pinto Carvalho JMD200 WLN" has images


    Chitarra spacciata per liuteria ma in realtà fabbricata in catena. Montaggi e tastiera approssimativa. Attaccacorde a dir poco ridicolo. Rifiniture e verniciatura approssimativa. Ne ho provate due e all'incirca erano fatte allo stesso modo. Anche i…

  • Ibanez AF71F

    Ibanez AF71F - "Ibanez AF71F Modified."


    Ho comprato questa chitarra dalla tastiera morbidissima e dall'estetica piacevole con qualche dubbio sulla qualità del pick up che trovavo un po' troppo brillante. Ho quindi operato le seguenti modifiche. Sostituito pick up con pickup Kent Armstrong…

  • Shure SM58

    Shure SM58 - "This is the best deal of a mic"


    I bought this mic after seeing the review on 7 months regrets later, i have no complain about the mic. what i live most most is its performance in live performances, less noise and powerful. thanks to the Cardioid Pi…

  • Yamaha FG-411-12

    Yamaha FG-411-12 - "Great 12 String"


    I use this guitar for recording and some song writing. mostly playing with my fingers although if I want a big sound I use a plectrum. Solid build with great sound, I prefer the sound to many far more expensive models I have performed alongside. N…

  • Phonic FireFly 808

    Phonic FireFly 808 - "Problematic device!"


    I bought two Phonic Firefly 808's, with the idea to daisy chain them to obtain 16 inputs/outputs. The installation of the drivers was a real pain in the neck! I got messages as "The device doesn't start", "No device found" etc. After a full day of …

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