Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Peavey T-40

    Peavey T-40 - "Perfect Studio Bass" contains audio examples


    I bought this a few years back looking for something to use in the home studio and this was one of the best musical purchases I've ever made. I picked up the 1983 model with toaster pickups and with so many knobs and switches, you can really get this…

  • Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

    Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass - "An excellent and accurate reissue of a groundbreaking instrument"


    I had always liked the look of 50 s basses and acquired used over two years ago a mint Fender Mexico Classic 50s Precision Bass in Fiesta Red, ‘gold’ anodised pick guard and maple neck and ‘tweed’ hard case for a very good price. It’s previous owne…

  • Washburn BB5

    Washburn BB5 - "I wish I could find another one!!" has images


    I owned a Cobalt Blue BB5 for a few years and I was the bass player for a indie Christian band led by my friend Brian "Matt" Vanoy! This thing was set up pretty nicely out of the box and has an amazing sound! The EMG designed active pickups delivere…

  • Access Music qua tan gia nha

    Access Music qua tan gia nha - "Qua tan gia nha"


    Dưới đây là những gợi ý quà tặng tân gia ý nghĩa mà ACT GOLD muốn chia sẻ dành cho tới bạn: 1. Chọn quà tân gia là Mèo thần tài Một trong những món quà bạn nên lựa chọn đó chính là mèo thần tài. Mèo thần tài sẽ mang đến nhiều may mắn, phú quý tài l…

  • Yamaha BB604

    Yamaha BB604 - "Still going strong in 2020"


    I bought my 2002 Yamaha BB604 used in 2008 for around $400US. I had it professionally setup and it's been perfect ever since. Action is still low and even, no fret buzz anywhere, electronics all working well. Fret finish and fingerboard are great. …

  • Ibanez SR305E

    Ibanez SR305E - "2 necks in 2 years failed" has images


    Although it looks and sounds much like the other SR basses, the 305E specifically in Pearl Fade White has now had necks fail 2 times on me in 2 years. Technician believes it is a manufacturing flaw and will be replacing with a different model, SR375 …

  • Harley Benton PB-50

    Harley Benton PB-50 - "How do they do it (and make a profit)?"


    I won’t bother with the usual pros and cons (in fact, there aren’t, as far as I’m concerned , any cons) but, as a bassist for nigh on 60 years, I’d just like to say that this bass is, quite simply, fantastic value for money. Buy one or even two!!…

  • Ibanez EDB605

    Ibanez EDB605 - "After fifteen years... yes, it's that good. "


    Tone for days, reliable, versatile, comfortable and nearly indestructible. I've been loving this Ibanez as my main bass for 15 years. Battery life is amazing. Needs intonation about every five years at most. Stays in tune like a beast of burden, soun…

  • Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer

    Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer - "One of the best equalizers on stage"


    I bought this pedal (pretty recently) and had a few gigs. I've got to say, at first it took me a while to get used to this pedal. But once I've got used to it - This pedal is a game changer. If you're a performing bass player and you want to control …

  • Markbass Compressore

    Markbass Compressore - "MarkBass compressore is a workhorse on stage "


    For almost 5 years, I used this compressor in countless gigs and made countless recordings with it. By all means, this compressor is the real deal for me. It’s a fully featured, housed in a steel box workhorse that won’t let you down on stage (if you…