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Upgrading the pickups & electronics on a Yamaha RBX 765A[Yamaha RBX765A]0RickD24804/12/2020 14:02
by RickD
Good bass amp manufacturers on a budget[Bass Amplifiers]2youngblood78198309/26/2019 10:06
by jbastienmusic
Fender Bass Bullet 1[Bass guitars]0TDBROOKIE33209/04/2019 03:10
Little Mark Vintage tests and price[Markbass Little Mark Vintage]1zygomar124205/16/2019 13:28
by zygomar
[Getting started] The community's favorite electric bass guitars[Electric Basses]0Locomotiv86312/22/2017 10:37
by Locomotiv
ampeg v6b[Ampeg V6B]1hsolis95110/11/2017 00:28
by hsolis
Manual of Bass Stage 150[Yamaha BS 150]0Paolo Piattica141307/14/2017 03:34
by Paolo Piattica
Comments about the review: Both or Nothing At All[Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass]2David LO PAT560112/04/2016 16:39
by ziggybass
Test out Elixir's new Nanoweb bass strings![Bass Guitars]274CaliMoose1942511/04/2015 05:29
by steenamaroo
Comments about the feature article: And the Guitar Was Born![Gibson Les Paul]3David LO PAT228006/21/2015 19:46
by Mike Levine
Comments about the feature article: History of the Les Paul[Gibson Les Paul]0David LO PAT178006/04/2015 12:45
by David LO PAT
Comments about the review: Profile of a Killer[Tech 21 Red Ripper]1David LO PAT329204/01/2015 02:07
by silentstorms
Great 'unknown' basses that are better than their price tag?[Bass Guitars]2DJWicked156603/20/2015 07:54
by karmapolice
jordan j444[Jordan Rudess Wizdom Music J444]0keith 523226703/09/2015 20:09
by keith 523
is it possible to slide harmonics?[Bass Guitars]2instantgrits181302/26/2015 01:49
by instantgrits
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