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Thread unread[Getting started] Off track[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho1202/23/2018 14:57
by Nantho
Thread unreadReplacement PC Audio for 24/96 rca stereo input and output?[Focusrite]1Gary Looney12502/22/2018 23:55
by stevedaniel
Thread unreadFocusrite Scarlett 2i4[Focusrite Scarlett]0TheRhone3802/21/2018 03:17
by TheRhone
Thread unread[Getting started] Voice movement in voice-leading[Music Theory]0newjazz6202/20/2018 01:23
by newjazz
Thread unreadWhat are the specialties which make Ableton 10 more useful than the other?[Focusrite]0stevedaniel6302/19/2018 21:09
by stevedaniel
Thread unreadWeb interfae for the Bass Station II[Novation Bass Station II]0blacknight6102/18/2018 13:23
by blacknight
Thread unreadFocusrite Claret 8Pre - low output from phantom power mic channel.[Digital recorders]0Nikolaj K7702/16/2018 17:00
by Nikolaj K
Thread unread2 audio interface options in mind, and would like your advice.[Audio Interfaces]0musicrelated8902/15/2018 15:28
by musicrelated
Thread unread[Getting started] Recording electric guitar - Prerequisites (Part 2)[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho13902/13/2018 04:57
by Nantho
Thread unreadWhy Clarett8prex not Apollo 8p[Focusrite Clarett 8PreX]0Jwave11602/11/2018 12:49
by Jwave
Thread unreadEvolution MK-125 - Help Needed![Evolution Mk-125]3jimmie_d123283802/11/2018 01:40
by crazyrabiddog
Thread unreadComments about the feature article: A synth in my guitar[Guitars]1Locomotiv23002/10/2018 10:25
by Ellementine
Thread unreadThread to be solvedHow to connect chromecast as input to Focusrite Scarlett 6i6?[Focusrite]2BroooopDaPish48502/08/2018 23:58
by stevedaniel
Thread unreadScarlett solo- no playback in daw?[Focusrite]0SolInvictus21815202/05/2018 21:05
by SolInvictus218
Thread unreadPossible to use 6i6 as dac-pre?[Focusrite Scarlett]2canoosa27202/02/2018 12:52
by canoosa
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