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Thread unread[Getting started] The comfort of the performer - Part 3[Recording & Mixing]2Nantho6610/13/2018 03:50
by Nantho
Thread unreadThread to be solvedplease check that your scarlett is connected and powered message: PLEASE HELP!!![External Audio Interfaces]0GeoffBreez1910/12/2018 13:10
by GeoffBreez
Thread unreadHow do you use a Saffire pro 40 with a windows laptop?[Focusrite Saffire]2Matthew Cunningham4710/12/2018 00:59
by Elanie Drago
Thread unread[Getting started] Synthetic scales from natural modes[Music Theory]0newjazz2010/11/2018 10:42
by newjazz
Thread unreadiFi iPower with Clarett?[Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB]0Peter Pataki2010/11/2018 07:07
by Peter Pataki
Thread unreadEver experience Bad Sound at a Public Concert or Event?[On Stage/Backstage]6claytonian@sbcglobal.net109110/10/2018 08:07
by angelie
Thread unread[Getting started] Headphone mix for the singer - Part 1[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho4610/09/2018 12:24
by Nantho
Thread unreadFocusrite scarlet solo (2nd gen) intermittent popping crackleGo directly to the latest post[Focusrite]18MedPackSnack745210/09/2018 07:06
by meeshaw
Thread unreadBest way to use Scarlett 2i2, Scarlett 18i20 1st gen, and Clarett 8pre all at once?[Focusrite]0JohnSkinner3910/03/2018 20:57
by JohnSkinner
Thread unreadExperiences with iTrack dock and iPad[Computer Music]0Rgencode Steven5610/03/2018 12:14
by Rgencode Steven
Thread unread[Getting started] Synthetic scales[Music Theory]0newjazz11510/02/2018 13:21
by newjazz
Thread unreadStereo output on a 2i4[Focusrite Scarlett]4smooth_jazz6410/02/2018 10:45
by angelie
Thread unreadQuestions before buying a new laptop[Computer Music]0EtienneNosz4810/02/2018 06:03
by EtienneNosz
Thread unreadSound problem[Yamaha Tyros 3]0Ron Meaden4210/01/2018 08:14
by Ron Meaden
Thread unreadAdvices request to show the key played on prelude[Electronic instrument]0titimeme4809/30/2018 14:03
by titimeme
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