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Thread unreadContinuous input monitoring[Focusrite]0Paulv81101/23/2020 16:33
by Paulv8
Thread unreadContinuous input monitoring[Focusrite]0Paulv81001/23/2020 16:33
by Paulv8
Thread unreadThread to be solved18i20 endlessly clicks and resets. Cannot reach Focusrite support.[Focusrite Scarlett]0crashc3172201/22/2020 08:45
by crashc317
Thread unreadAC mains power 18i20 3rd gen scarlett sounds better but why?[Focusrite]0ButterMyBuns20201401/21/2020 03:10
by ButterMyBuns2020
Thread unreadFocusrite Scarlett 4i4 - Sounds drops entirely and forced to reset interface[Focusrite]0mazegeek9992601/17/2020 23:28
by mazegeek999
Thread unreadThread to be solvedHow to split audio between headphone out and balanced outputs on 2i4?[Focusrite Scarlett]0John Joan2501/14/2020 19:57
by John Joan
Thread unreadScarlett Solo Recording to iPad issue, Mono vs. Stereo[Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Generation]0Luker3101/10/2020 16:18
by Luker
Thread unreadDoes it cause any problem when I connected my guitar to the line setting rather than inst setting?[Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Generation]0Aniket Kulkarni2701/08/2020 23:19
by Aniket Kulkarni
Thread unreadScarlett 2i2 3rd Gen -> Output to Macbook paired headset[Focusrite Scarlett]0Daniel D3401/07/2020 17:17
by Daniel D
Thread unreadFocusrite 18i20 2nd Gen. & Motu 828 MK1 ADAT Connection[Focusrite]0Cleptomaniacs3301/04/2020 13:28
by Cleptomaniacs
Thread unreadThread to be solvedcan a roland drum kit connect to a focusrite 2i2[Focusrite]0Jago Levine2601/03/2020 11:15
by Jago Levine
Thread unreadScarlett 3g 18i20[Focusrite]0ca-booter3112/30/2019 03:16
by ca-booter
Thread readGuitar Amp to 4i4[Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 G3]0jjnichols314112/25/2019 06:17
by jjnichols3
Thread readScarlett 2i2 USB interface resets every few minutes[Focusrite]3rdpoor7212/22/2019 07:58
by rdpoor
Thread readFocusrite Saffire pro 40 might not be compatible with the new 2018 MacBook Pros.[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40]1royhz62112/12/2019 09:19
by Timmyss1975
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