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Thread Dead 18i6? PC sees it, no audio, strange hum,

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Topic Dead 18i6? PC sees it, no audio, strange hum,
PC sees it as an audio device
Power USB and LKO confirmed on device
Ableton connects to it and plays as per normal
Mix Control shows levels as per normal
Yet both headphone and output are not playing, instead a new kind of strange electrical sounding hum comes out of both.

Tried reinstalling the driver to no avail. Hrrrmmm
Ehhh just fixed it!!

Switched to a new power supply and it works again!

Weird because it appeared to be getting power.

This PSU is under amp though, only 600ma, working regardless though

Feck yeah.

Have almost same, but different, first was same you have, but driver didn't work, i install driver i think for vista on windows 11, and pc start see it good after that, but now new problem, it work for 10 sec, max 30 min, static noice, baaam, whistle... and pc stop play cubase, doesn't recognise it, but show usb connection, sometimes error and doesn't show usb connection at all...
Then i Off power, restart driver , and work again, but not long..
Tried change 3 new power adapter, looks like it help work longer time, and then grt back to 10 sec ok what to do, don't know, power problem, driver or usb connection or condesators

Also it start annormal warm, before always cold, now condesators are worm, so i. Open card, and put fan to cool it, doesnt help