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Thread unreaddoes the monitor knob control all outs(main and line)[Audio Interfaces]2Sarikonda Shamanth5009/17/2019 08:06
by jbastienmusic
Thread unreadTASCAM RC-RW900 Remote Unit Control compatibility with CD-RW700 recorder[Recorders/Multitracks]0giambattista2709/16/2019 01:52
by giambattista
Thread unreadSysex pour Start - end point ?[Korg microSAMPLER]0iniitu3009/15/2019 12:39
by iniitu
Thread unreadAdvice please on what computer to get for sound design[Computer Music]0jdalew6197409/04/2019 04:11
by jdalew619
Thread unreadFender Bass Bullet 1[Bass guitars]0TDBROOKIE4609/04/2019 03:10
Thread unreadSetting up Saffire PRO 26 with Bose speakers (via OPTICAL)[Focusrite Saffire Pro 24]0defmuse2809/03/2019 07:05
by defmuse
Thread unreadMPC “The Kit”[Drum Machines]0Olliebongo10409/02/2019 03:57
by Olliebongo
Thread unreadBV300HB Bias[Crate Blue Voodoo BV300HB]1tmeubanks194308/27/2019 05:32
by Kevin Kaiser
Thread unreadcan i exchange asio to a dx driver?[Focusrite Scarlett 6i6]0laviR8408/25/2019 14:24
by laviR
Thread readComments about the review: Review of the Boss DS-1X[Boss DS-1X Distortion]1Mike Levine82408/20/2019 09:46
by SenatorSteak
Thread readFocusrite 6i6 Gen1 - Latency Issue[Focusrite Scarlett 6i6]0Caatalyst10908/16/2019 00:49
by Caatalyst
Thread readDo i have the correct cable here?[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40]0Deon-7117708/15/2019 10:36
by Deon-71
Thread readNeed mic advice?Go directly to the latest post[Microphones]11THartranft1050808/13/2019 13:36
by Huli1
Thread read73 keys (or 88) semi-weighted MIDI controller with CV input?[MIDI Controllers]0Davide Biagini11808/13/2019 09:31
by Davide Biagini
Thread readLooking for feedback on my mix[Studio & Home Studio]0Siydock15208/09/2019 09:30
by Siydock
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