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Thread unreadNeed help with an issue when plugging my Nord into my Focusrite for recording[Electronic instrument]0MichaeljonesMJ2312/12/2018 01:49
by MichaeljonesMJ
Thread readAdvices request to show the key played on prelude[Electronic instrument]0titimeme10209/30/2018 14:03
by titimeme
Thread readTrying to use Krome 88 to record Logix Pro X Software Instruments- with no luck[Korg Krome 88]1spiniton20804/23/2018 21:35
by stevedaniel
Thread readComments about the review: When the analog flows in the stream![Baloran The River]0synthwalker46903/07/2018 14:18
by synthwalker
Thread readWeb interfae for the Bass Station II[Novation Bass Station II]0blacknight32402/18/2018 13:23
by blacknight
Thread readElka Drumstar with 'pitched down' bizarre sounds --- (broken or not?)[ELKA Drumstar 80]2rigeck179801/10/2018 23:37
by stevedaniel
Thread read[Getting started] The top analog synths[Analog Synths]0Red Led42812/23/2017 03:20
by Red Led
Thread readM3 Questions[Korg M3 61]0Sam Rhymes45511/21/2017 06:36
by Sam Rhymes
Thread readUsing Fusion 8HD as Slave from Sonar Platinum DAW[Alesis Fusion 8HD]0KingConga53409/20/2017 09:57
by KingConga
Thread readi look for Schematics for Sequential Studio 440[Sequential Circuits Studio 440]0herr67208/03/2017 16:31
by herr
Thread readComments about the review: Entry-Level Redefined[Korg Kross]3synthwalker291206/18/2017 10:14
by bill555
Thread readIl est déja possible de le commander.[Behringer DeepMind 12]0voyes4690912/30/2016 09:45
by voyes46
Thread readK2600 aes?[Kurzweil K2500X AES]7rutgerv474111/19/2016 15:01
by Alberto Trullu
Thread readMaking the vangelis'CS80 on the Jupiter 80.[Roland Jupiter-80]3Studioliv126807/29/2016 02:43
by Studioliv
Thread readThread to be solvedhebrew / jewish/ hasidic sounds and rhythms for the Yamaha PSR E333[Yamaha PSR-E333]0wlzev111604/01/2016 14:51
by wlzev