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Thread Ibanez RG5170 Prestige

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Topic Ibanez RG5170 Prestige
I just bought a new Ibanez RG5170 BBK Prestige and have a few questions:
(Keep in mind, I'm pretty new to guitars in general so may not know all the lingo and acronyms)

1) I'd like to lower the fret action a bit. Whats the best way to do this?

2) This has a Floyd Rose Bridge, it has the "whammy bar", I'd like to lock this, or make very stiff. I've read
somewhere it has a built in lock? inside the back plate?  Whats the best way to do this (lock) or at least
make it stiff enough so when I rest my palm on it, its not moving out of tune?

3) The small switch in between the Vol and tone knobs....what does this really do? I can't hear a difference
I don't think its a coit tap, its called "Fishman Fluence Voicing switch"

4) I went to the Ibanez site and don't really see a manual to download. Is there one anywhere I can download.
I have what came in the case, but prefer something on a computer, easier to search.