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Thread Best affordable mono synth for synth rig

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1 Best affordable mono synth for synth rig
Hi guys! Hope y’all good

Thing is, I already own, like many others, a Minilogue XD and a MicroFreak (all sequenced through a Deluge) which are very solid all around polysynths that can make some beautiful Pads/ARP/Chords sounds, but I was thinking I could really use a third, mono synth (in the 200-400€ price range since I have a tight budget) to get some fat basses and leads out of it and be able to build almost full tracks « live » with the 3 playing all together (thing I struggle to do with « only » 2 synths).

I’m currently thinking of going for either the Korg Monologue or either the Behringer Model D which both seem very solid for their price.

The Monologue attracts me mainly because it has a screen with presets (which the Model D doesn’t have) which makes it very quick and easy to use but the thing is I don’t know if I want to go for another Korg synth (because it could pair well with my Minilogue and sounds great for sure) or not (because I may want a different brand/sound). Also the Model D seems to have a « fatter » sound from what I’ve read, which is a strong argument in its favor in my opinion.

Would you guys have any advice on that ? Cheers!