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MPC “The Kit”[Drum Machines]0Olliebongo39709/02/2019 03:57
by Olliebongo
Elka Drumstar with 'pitched down' bizarre sounds --- (broken or not?)[Elka Drumstar 80]2rigeck229201/10/2018 23:37
by stevedaniel
zoom RT-234 turning off the bass[Zoom RT-234]0Mark Stevens152901/15/2016 18:03
by Mark Stevens
Allen & Heath Brenell Inpulse One (and Teenage Engineering OP-1)[Drum Machines]1Richardk66137704/27/2014 09:42
by Richardk66
my TR909 clone, the MB909, is working!!![Roland TR-909]1pcbatterij532407/01/2012 03:50
by MB909
MB909 - TR909 clone sequencer - betaversion bulkorder[Roland TR-909]0pcbatterij332804/08/2012 08:02
by pcbatterij
groupbuy 9090[Roland TR-909]1pcbatterij437203/19/2012 05:10
by pcbatterij
Comments about the news: [NAMM] Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Video Demo[Dave Smith Instruments Tempest]1Early Reflexions165102/03/2011 21:02
by MarzVegas
[News] [NAMM] Akai XR20[Akai Professional XR20]4Number-6_en361609/01/2010 20:53
by Beats By Nova
Yamaha RY10 editing[Yamaha RY10]0guitarmandf240107/28/2009 19:26
by guitarmandf
Hook-up problems or wrong Tascam set-up[Akai Professional XR20]0thorosbon221703/21/2009 09:01
by thorosbon
Dr. Dre Drum Kit free download[Drum Machines]0KayRome1073212/30/2008 10:57
by KayRome
Kanye West Drum Kit free download[Drum Machines]0KayRome637112/30/2008 08:39
by KayRome
Jerky drum machine[Drum Machines]0joe joe_en104306/06/2008 05:55
by joe joe_en
[News] [NAMM] Alesis SR-18[Alesis SR-18]0Number-6_en96501/18/2008 12:18
by Number-6_en
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