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Thread Allen & Heath Brenell Inpulse One (and Teenage Engineering OP-1)

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1 Allen & Heath Brenell Inpulse One (and Teenage Engineering OP-1)
Hi guys,

I'm looking for sample tapes for the Allen & Heath Brenel Inpulse One (AHB Inpulse 1) - there were 11 tapes catalogues, I have tapes 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Inpulse One owners can find the sounds I have (soon - I need to work on them) here:


To produce downloadable data files, I am going to load the samples into my Inpulse One, then save each sound recorded directly onto the computer, then check the recording, THEN upload and link, so it's a bit of work. Tapes will be recreated by joining those samples - the recordings of the tapes are analogue and obviously quite variable, saving some of the sounds was very tricky!

As a bonus, any Teenage Engineering OP-1 users will find a couple of drumkits to download and enjoy the Inpulse One's rarely-heard sounds!

These sounds are copyright and I have permission to distribute them for archival purposes. If you want to share, share the link with the story and history please, and do not steal the samples to include in commercial bundles. I will be particularly irritated if the recordings I spent a long time (recovering a working machine) etc. end up in a charged-for plugin/sample bundle.
The archive of sounds is now complete.


All the code samples have been created by loading images from tape (in some cases, after repairing the image in Audacity), then saving directly to computer. All will load on my Inpulse One, procedure for loading is in the manual linked from Allen & Heath's page or in the readme file with each sample set.