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  • Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm - "Boss DR660 still useful !"


    I bought the DR660 when they were first out and the price was right.I wanted something to jam to with my guitar,then found out you needed to be a programming drum nerd and was bummed out.At the time,computers were not a dime a dozen,so the MIDI was u…

  • Roland CompuRhythm CR-78

    Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 - "Full of vintage charm"


    I bought it on the spur of the moment, only realizing afterward how iconic it was (a good thing for me!). Of course, its sounds felt familiar and though it is mostly a preset machine you always have a good time trying the different possible combinati…

  • Elektron Digitakt

    Elektron Digitakt - "Digitakt – a limited, yet boundless product"


    For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? I play IDM electronic music, and I chose this device as I was after a small mobile studio without having to sacrifice functionalities, so I don’t use it either to complement …

  • Roland TR-09

    Roland TR-09 - "A poor musician’s 909 ?" has images


    I’ve played house for a while now, and i’m a great fan of the TR909 sound, to the extent that almost all my tracks contain at least one Roland instrument. Unable to buy a 909 due to its incredibly high price, I was excited when the TR09 was announce…

  • Arturia DrumBrute

    Arturia DrumBrute - "A nice drum machine."


    I use it in my home studio which is (temporarily) deprived of my pc. The machine’s qhality is very good (I suppose Arturia change dits Chinese supplier ^^) The knobs are very nice, the pads are pleasant and the ribbon controller is really coll.…

  • Singular Sound BeatBuddy

    Singular Sound BeatBuddy - "A very good product"


    The BeatBuddy is a unique pedal on the market (mind you, a footcontrollable drummer http://img.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_facepalm.gif:-D), and it’s very useful for guitar players (among others) wishing to evaluate in…

  • E-MU SP-1200

    E-MU SP-1200 - "My Long Time Friend "


    My first drum machine I learned on! It's so user friendly with all the instructions written on the faceplate! The shape and vibe that comes off this thing is like it's saying, "Feed me samples... let's make a beat today!" Sampling drums into here acc…

  • Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

    Dave Smith Instruments Tempest - "Sucks There's No Sampling"


    How they gonna make a really dope drum machine, which it is, but have no sampling capability? Really wack for that one... There's some really cool features for what drums are already on there, but I want to throw my own sounds in there to use those f…

  • Akai Professional Tom Cat

    Akai Professional Tom Cat - "Flawlessly built ! A very nice analog sound." has images


    1- I use this drum machine in the studio only, for Electro, Trance, J.M.Jarre-style (oxygène...), etc, etc. 2-The finish is incredible, but after all this is AKAI PRO! Creating a sequence is very easy if you read the manual from start to finish. T…

  • Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm

    Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm - "good drum machine"


    This drum machine is easy to use. I was making beats within minutes of having it out of the box. The downside is that it can only do two measures and a fill per pattern, but you can copy patterns, vary them, and trigger them with song mode or DPP. It…