Akai Professional Tom Cat

Tom Cat, Drum Machine from Akai Professional.

garcon87 06/30/2016

Akai Professional Tom Cat : garcon87's user review

« Flawlessly built ! A very nice analog sound. »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
1- I use this drum machine in the studio only, for Electro, Trance, J.M.Jarre-style (oxygène...), etc, etc.

2-The finish is incredible, but after all this is AKAI PRO! Creating a sequence is very easy if you read the manual from start to finish. The good surprise is the adjustable disco toms, awesome!

3- Analog sound ( techno, acid, trance, but not only). I use it a lot for minimal rhythms (ala J-M Jarre). The bass drum is a killer. You can "maul" the poor cat too for a dirtier sound using the appropriate feature.
Hurray for the delay on claps.
The hh is great, a lot of possibilities using accents.
I haven't used the "pattern" mode yet, for I mostly play fill-ins.
I haven't programmed the beast either. Don't forget to link the Tom Cat to a worthy reverb or another effect that will even further its capacities.
The ins/outs are comprehensive, for both audio and midi. The dynamics is as expected (no need for a compressor compared with software DMs) but that's only my own opinion.

4- Its size is adapted to environments that lack space, it's not space-consuming at all. As far as its USB connection is concerned, I haven't looked into it, I did connect it though but not testes.

I'll look further into this CAT and tell you more later...

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