Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm

DR-660 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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James Zelazny jr 11/04/2018

Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm : James Zelazny jr's user review

« Boss DR660 still useful ! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I bought the DR660 when they were first out and the price was right.I wanted something to jam to with my guitar,then found out you needed to be a programming drum nerd and was bummed out.At the time,computers were not a dime a dozen,so the MIDI was useless to me and was only able to use preset beats at best.But then....dug it out of mothballs and bought a Yamaha midi interface,installed Guitar Pro 5,downloaded 1000`s of .GP3 files of some good tunes I like and setup Guitar Pro to play those .GP3 files which are very close to having the actual drummer in my room.At least better than any drummer I ever met that will play anytime I need a drummer.The great part is I can TURN IT OFF anytime I want and takes up much less space than an actual drum set.So this thing after all these years turned out to be quite a useful tool.Setting it up for Guitar Pro to play my drum tracks was almost too easy.So there you have it ! Matter of fact,made a few You Tube tracks for fun as a GUESS the drummer and song.Living proof of how useful the DR660 is -