Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm

DR-660 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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edclombe 03/10/2004

Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm : edclombe's user review


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The connection is rather nice: Stereo output 1 and 2 singles, 1 with the chorus, and the other with the delay, so it's pretty good.
There are 255 sounds pretty ralistes, but even if they are not it does not matter, because given the option of shipping, they will have nothing to ralistes! lol ;-) rgler can pitch, decay, the dry / wet gnral the drumkit and also pr each pad individually.
We can edit sounds with Jsynthlib (with over 25 drumkits:-D)
(Http:// because it has chorus / flanger and delay / reverb.
Do not expect is something famous, but aa the MRIT to exist and for any hacker sound, it's always good to take ....
Nivo squenceur, it's realtime or step. Easy enough to do a hand.
We also put some curves vlocits to the pads. Anyway, good koi BAR!


I have honestly not much to say about the use, as the manual seemed to me a bit obscure at times, but nothing mchant because the bte takes ownership easy! So the overview of the most c manual than anything else once dballe !!!!!


Sound level, it's every man for himself, we like it or not. I love it personally. And as I said above, since it can sound a little torture (VERY radical pitch lol), it was everything. We just do ambient, world, hip hop, trip hop, dance, rock, industrial, and finally any koi!! Ok, except classical, normal is not it? ;-)


It's been a year since I (buy OCCAZ), and I do not regret it! It is so simple to learn, the sounds are so nice. Yes, it is one of the few BAR I know, but if a c'tai again, I start again. In the era it sold tai 3000 or more balls. Now it is found half CHRE (I got pr 1290 balls), then test and apprciez or not .... ;-):-P