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Comments about the feature article: Exclusive Interview with Chris Athens[Mastering]1Chater-La481706/05/2020 11:58
by Esc42
[Getting started] The Wet/Dry/Wet Technique[Sound Techniques]2FloSon149003/30/2020 16:01
by SpookyManfredo D'Souza Jr.
[Getting started] Headphone mix for the singer - Part 4[Recording & Mixing]1Nantho Valentine52603/10/2020 08:52
by ritmava
Comments about the feature article: Alan Parsons Talks Recording[Recording & Mixing]4Mike Levine119212/30/2019 16:52
by blah deblah
Composition for video games[Sound Techniques]1Angora2622509/04/2019 07:55
by Angora26
Signal to noise ratio extremely bad[Recording & Mixing]0MetalGuy25309/02/2019 12:13
by MetalGuy
[Getting started] Headphone mix for the singer - Part 1[Recording & Mixing]1Nantho Valentine51808/26/2019 02:25
by bushra khan
[Getting started] Sound Synthesis Explained - Part 1[Sound Synthesis]1newjazz233403/26/2019 06:07
by Elvir Jade
[Getting started] It Can Happen to Anybody[Mastering]3sleepless134612/26/2018 22:41
by Daavied
Weird issue with Scarlett 18i8[Sound Techniques]0Phil Hadley25612/26/2018 11:46
by Phil Hadley
Focusrite 2nd Gen question[Sound Techniques]1Phil Hadley36312/15/2018 13:08
by Phil Hadley
[Getting started] How to organize for a recording session[Recording & Mixing]1Nantho Valentine74212/07/2018 16:24
by TangoClash
[Getting started] Serendipity[Recording & Mixing]2Nantho Valentine240812/07/2018 15:55
by TangoClash
[Getting started] Headphone mix for the singer - Part 3[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho Valentine41710/26/2018 13:31
by Nantho Valentine
[Getting started] Headphone mix for the singer - Part 2[Recording & Mixing]1Nantho Valentine43810/20/2018 17:34
by Klaus Jürgens
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