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Thread Signal to noise ratio extremely bad

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1 Signal to noise ratio extremely bad
Hi !

It's been almost one year I'm recording and testing things. My actual gear is :

SM7B -> Art Pro MPA II (preamp) -> Art Pro VLA II (compressor) -> NI Komplete Audio 6 (sound card).

The room where I record is treated for mixing, not for recording, and I can hear the noise of my computer's fans in my signal. But this post isn't about it. Additively to that, there is a very intense noise and I think it's not about the room but the gear itself, it's more like a constant buzz in the high.

- I think it's not the transformers, because I moved my gear a few times and it always stayed.
- I don't know if it's about the gain of my preamp, because I bought it on purpose, to add clean gain to my SM7B, because I found out that the SM7B had a very low input gain and I had to boost it with some gain plugins.
- The most logical would be to say that the problem comes from my SM7B since it always buzzed like this but I don't know...

The solution I found was to put iZotope RX7 noise reducer on my tracks. After all it sounds good and you can't really hear the buzz but it annoys me not to have optimal conditions for recording and I would like to solve the problem.

Thank you.