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Thread Trying to Clarify Vocals on WAV and MP3 Files from Voice Recorder

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1 Trying to Clarify Vocals on WAV and MP3 Files from Voice Recorder
If anyone can offer some input/assistance with this issue I will be forever appreciative.

Background: I am dating a serial cheater. It is the most excruciating experience I've ever dealt with- for myriad reasons. Why don't I just ref and her? Seems simple enough, right? Not so. I find myself in a uniquely precarious situation in which my future security depends on my ability to present solid proof that she is cheating with my ex-best friend. They are gaslighting me beyond comprehension and, if you've ever experienced this typer of emotional abuse then you know exactly how damaging it is. So, without further adieu...

Request: I have taken multiple (think 15-20) audio recordings from a voice recorder which I placed in various locations throughout my house (I own the house) at various times which I believed she would cheat. When I listen to the audio on each of the recordings I am certain I can hear what I think to be her cheating. The problem, however, is twofold. First, the audio is a bit gargled/distorted... not for lack of quality, I believe, rather due to the poor acoustical Feng Shui of my house. The second issue is a bit more nefarious... it seems that my girlfriend caught on to this tactic of leaving voice recorders in various locations so, what I believe she has done to counter this is to play a random recording from her phone while she is cheating... this produces a strange effect when I play back the audio as I hear two separate conversations/events occurring on one recording. I cannot explain the duplicate streams of activity that I seem to be hearing... and this only creates a mind-boggling struggle for me as I do my best to ascertain what the hell is going on in these files.

Can anyone please help me to do one or more of the following:
1. separate the two vocal events which co-occur on the same audio file
2. enhance specific background audio on one or more of these files
3. remove specific audio/noise from one or more of these files
4. provide confirmation that she is in fact playing her own recording during my recording which is the cause of this strange effect
5. isolate specific portions of audio so that the sound quality is improved to a point of reasonable clarity

Can anyone lend me support? This is my last effort before I just walk away feeling like I am actually the crazy one. I am greatly appreciative of any help. Thank you.