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Thread [Getting started] The Wet/Dry/Wet Technique

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1 [Getting started] The Wet/Dry/Wet Technique
The Wet/Dry/Wet Technique
Reverb, delay and all other so-called time-based effects can sometimes "dirty up" your basic guitar sound to the point that you are forced to reduce their level in order to preserve a minimum of audio precision. Here's a way to get around that particular problem.

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Hi Thank you for the diagram the best i have seen but were do you now connect the delay echo phaser as you suggest to this diagram? my center amp will be a new Boss katana which has many fx but i want to assign as you suggest an external echo to 1 amp or reverb to the other amp etc also what satellite amps do you suggest i buy to complete This rig with the Boss Katana kind regards Stephenfell1@hotmail.co.uk
This diagram does not work for me. I am getting a very faint effects out put out of my suhr bellas.

I am using a metropolous metroplex in to a Suhr Buffer out to the delay into the return of the bellas return and tried straight into the input, i get nothing.

Help Please?
I am useing front of amp input only no FX send return on my amps. and what I do is split my signal before going to my pedals one line to a mono board for my Dry/Wet amp and the other line going into a stereo pedal and more stereo pedals before going to my two wet/dry amps. I use all Fender amps to avoid ground looping problems you can get with different brands of some amps.