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Thread Melodyne - How to change tone and keep the same (or similar) timbre?

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1 Melodyne - How to change tone and keep the same (or similar) timbre?
Hi, all.

I have a challenge that a friend of mine said that's impossible to achieve.
I'd like to lower a voice 3 tones down, but keeping the most similar timbre from the original version.

Is it impossible, the way I was warned?
If no, how to do it using Melodyne?
Or other tool?

In fact, my goal is to change the whole song to a key 6 half tones lower.
Not just one or two notes.
I.e, from A to Eb.

But when I do that, the voice changes too much and gets another timbre and it seems to belong to another singer, not the same one.

Challenge is to adjust that modified timbre to return to the original one. Or, at least, to a very similar one.

I'm talking about the whole song, not only parts of it.
I was aware that formant tool would be the right one to work on timbres.
I'll show as example of song that I'm trying to "transpose" key, preserving timbre.

First, I have the original panel:

So, I changed pitch from A to D#:

And moved formant back to A:

It show up too many artifacts, as you can see.
Is it normal?
Did I do the right procedures to achieve what I'm trying to do?