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Thread Recording An Acoustic Piano?

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Topic Recording An Acoustic Piano?
Hi there,

I´ve been working with recording my acoustic piano, but I can´t really get any realistic sound, not even close to it. Here is how I´m set... I have the piano in a basement, no studio isolation and for recording I have one microphone only which is an AKG Perception 100. I have had tips that you´re supposed to place it above middle C and open up the top lid of the piano... so I did, but what about the audio setup? I´m using Cubase SX for recording and a Sound Blaster 5400 card along with a Toneport UX2, Gearbox software. I´m quite lost here, not sure what to do. Any good advices on how to do this? I have never really recorded anything before.

Any help is much appreciated!

Warm regards,
Joel L
The 1 microphone might be some of the problem, because you can't record a stereo feild. For the placement you will want the microphone far enough away from the strings that it will record the low and high strings at a even level. Here's a video I found on recording piano.
1. you need more than one mic to get a "real" sound. this is because any instrument is supported by the room you are playing in, and possibly a treated room (not your case).

2. you'll never get a good sound from a sound blaster.