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Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass
Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass

4-string bass guitar from Fender belonging to the Modern Player series

Thread Comments about the review: Both or Nothing At All

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1 Comments about the review: Both or Nothing At All
When I went to pick up these beauties at AudioFanzine's editorial office, I asked myself how many Jazz and Precision basses I had already reviewed in my life as an editor. From Standard to Deluxe, Vintage, Special and Classic versions, from US to Mexican and Japanese, not to mention the Korean Series and Squier — Fender's offer is very wide and almost confusing.

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Overall I think the review was excellent.
I own the tobacco sunburst version that I like better. The blond version reminded me of the Beach Boys-a band i can't stand...
The only things I would add are that sounds I get from the top pick up are totally amazing. I just love the sound! Over all flexibility on this bass is near perfect!
The down side-if you are very anal at times like me-is that Fender went cheap on the knobs and pots. I swapped them out to solid shaft screw machined parts and really like the bass even more now!
At $500 + $120 for deluxe hard shell case, I still consider this bass a steal for the asking price. I have twice that in my Gibson 'T' bird! A new USA Jazz bass is about $1250 and while the neck is a little better I do not think it is worth the difference in price.
I play through a Fender 60 in my garage or a Marshall 4210 when I am more serious-and this bass is wonderful through both!

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Good review almost sliding off of the slippery path of objectivity but just managing not to! Yes we know everything is bigger in Texas and everything will now be made better in China, but really?
I just bought a used model of this Telecaster and a brand new Starcaster unplayed so far. So thanks for your sound clips really a great help thanks! Truth is we are going to see some amazing craftsmanship coming out of China once they realise we actually know what we are talking about! If we can get the quality we want then the Budweiser for lunch brigade will have to mend their ways or stay home with Homer! 2 very cool basses!Thanks

The Eternal Student, Ziggybass

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