Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass
Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass

Modern Player Telecaster Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Telecaster Bass series.

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All user reviews for the Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 02/06/12Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass & Telecaster Bass Review

    Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass & Telecaster Bass Review - Both or Nothing At All

    When I went to pick up these beauties at AudioFanzine's editorial office, I asked myself how many Jazz and Precision basses I had already reviewed in my life as an editor. From Standard to Deluxe, Vintage, Special and Classic versions, from US to Mexican and Japanese, not to mention the Korean Series and Squier — Fender's offer is very wide and almost confusing.

Users reviews
heads on fire01/31/2012

heads on fire's review"POWERFUL."

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass
Modern Player series
Alder body
Gloss Polyester finish
"C" Shape maple neck
Gloss Polyester neck finish
Maple fretboard
Synthetic Bone string nut
Pickups: Modern Player Wide Range Precision Bass® Pickup (Middle)
Modern Player Wide Range Precision Bass® Pickup (Neck)
Controls: Neck Volume, Bridge Volume, Master Tone
Nickel/Chrome hardware
Open Gear Tuning Machines
Vintage Style 4-Saddle Bridge with Brass Saddles
Knurled Chrome Dome knobs
Pickguard: (503) 3-Ply Parchment, (550) 1-Ply Black
Strings: Fender® USA, NPS, (Gauges .045-.105)


This is the bass I always wanted Fender to make. The original Tele bass was cool, but very one dimensional with one single coil pickup. Later updates to the style added a big humbucker in the neck, which was a slight improvement, yet only allowed for one dark tone. This bass has a second humbucker near the bridge, and it makes a world of differece. With these pickups, high quality tuners and bridge, and a great finish, one can tell right away that Fender means business on this axe. The playability is a lot like an older 70s P-bass, yet with a bit thinner neck. The fretwork on this particular neck is very nice, as well.


These two humbuckers are amazing! From playing around with it, I found that I could get all sorts of good tones out of this bas, from funky, to soulful Motown, to modern rock, sludge, doom, metal, country, jazz.... anything, really! The tones from this bass are monstrously powerful - you certainly FEEL every note, and the audience would too. This is really a bass with a lot of versatility to its sound, and it provides for an inspiring (and entertaining) playing session.


This is one of my favorite basses I've ever played. I love the style of the design, and the playing action on the neck really helps me play this bass with ease with any technique. The dual humbuckers has been standard fare on guitars for the past 50 years, but never caught on in the bass world for some inexplicable reason. Here it seems quite natural, and it allows for a huge range of great sounds. Highly recommended.

tilmanjulien@live.fr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass
Crafted in China ... Of what he is? I know absolutely nothing ...

Other information have been given ;)


Handle quite nice albeit nothing wider than the Jazz bass. It is not so heavy and it holds in place (balance). Found the sound pretty quickly ...


I was expecting a big, slamming her and in fact, no, not at all. It sounds completely round ... A very warm sound. It suits me 100% because it really completes my Jazz Bass and my Precision Bass. I play on a Markbass CMD 151. It sounds wonderful for the price of Fender ...


I use it for a month ... I fell in love (look), the sound track ... I've tried a lot but a good secondhand, it can not refuse ;) Value / price, no complaints ... For a Chinese model, I'm amazed. A repeat: without any hesitation ...

manuk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" boom bass!!"

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass
Made in China, low passive, twenty fret maple one piece maple fingerboard, two blocks identical humbuckers placed in position very near the handle and very near the bridge, two volume one tone, although robust bridge by a bridge height adjustable rope more intonation.
round head telecaster
finishes without defects, fairly thin frets, hooping good quality
classic fender mechanical
gloss varnish over the entire low
jack on the edge (a good point)


The neck is the size of a fairly standard precision-it seems to me, handle, the action can be set very low (3mm to the twelfth fret)
Access to the treble is a bit difficult because the lower horn handle space is smaller than my jazz bass or my other basses
it is not too heavy and perfectly balanced
The humbuckers deliver a huge output level (more than my atk-300 active)
I plug more often in the active input of my amp while it is passive.


this is a bass that sends many serious and relatively acute, as it has a huge level of output drive your pedals will seem quite different ... The slap is not his favorite field but there always means to do and make it sound (eq amp, pickup). The neck pickup sends many serious fairly defined, but the bridge pickup really compensates definition and adds enough treble and high mids for perfectly balanced sound. I did not find any huge difference in volume between the two microphones as in the audiofanzine test ...
Personally, I just added some db treble on the amp for more definition.
It is certainly more suited to unregistre blues, rock, soul or What metal or funk (although ...)


I played bass for 20 years, so I have not tried a lot of things, the value for money is excellent, it is not the most versatile bass I had, but what she does, she very well. I have had the chance to find for a crust of bread (310 euros with cover and spare strings) from someone who had obviously not like. Too bad for him, good for me!!
I can only advise, but try it anyway before you buy, it has a few different sounds, but if you are looking for a powerful bass sound big, it is made for you!!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Accuracy!"

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass
Made in China, it makes some jump, and although I think they are (also) the very good taf when they file a proper specifications.
Yes, because if there are as many rotten stuff from over there, it is because some manufacturers do not care about quality, but just the cost.
By Fender has accomplished a good deed. Otherwise ...

Alder body, maple fingerboard

Handle a little wider than the standard accuracy

2 volumes, 1 tone overall.


The neck is fine with me.
She does her weight but nonetheless very enjoyable to play.
A good vacuum low E to start, plugged into a DI AU Solo610 we recognize and live sound mythical Fender Precision.
It remains to take a small 1/4 of an hour to set the tones and forward.


This is what I was looking into buying this bass.
We find out this particular grain and humbuckers do their taf.
Good fishing and well wide. Their spacing (wide) allows combinations of unusual and interesting.
The original strings have lost some of their brilliance and their stability, remains to be seen with a good game nine.


Amazing value for money (480 euros nine reminder!)

For the price this is more than good, because it is well worth a ton of Mexican.
The look is of hell with his robe and his head of blond Telecaster.

No compromise on quality. No defects. Well balanced handle.

gregzerozero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A true geule but there's something missing for me"

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass
Chinese-made body of a precision bass, neck and maple fingerboard and head way telecaster.

2 humbuckers and large pickguard, it is really superb.

Against by the varnish is very thick and is very plastic, not vintage at all


I have a squier vintage modified Jaguar and my ego wanted a fender (I'm playing guitar at the base but I recorded some bass lines from time to time).
The handle is big enough for even as we are not accustomed to handle precision bass. For the rest the normal comfort was not exceptional.

Small flat on the paint that was peeling at the truss rod adjustment of the head but maybe it was the former owner who had hacked.


I expected a very rock sound, which quickly crunch, much like a guitar with double. And microphones have not done so output. And they did not heat JB pickups. 100fold I prefer the sound of my squier that sounds very round and warm, it might be a mistake to have taken this fender without taking the temp to play with more than 5min. These are my eyes who chose my ears ..


I quickly sold it because it was not what I wanted in the end. I prefer the round sounds good but I think for sounds aggressive, it is better to take a traditional precision bass and a distal flank him.