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Lighting user reviews

  • Ma Lighting GrandMA2 onPC

    Ma Lighting GrandMA2 onPC - "MAgnificent!"


    Who doesn’t know GrandMA2 ? These lighting desks have taken the crown as the must have for practically all top notch professional events! With GrandMa2 onPC, a PC software is now in charge of doing the job – no longer a lighting desk. The software...

  • ASD ALT 550

    ASD ALT 550 - "ASD ALT 550 stand" has images


    A single person is enough to set it up. Quick and easy to set, the stand can be adjusted using the 4 actuators and the magnet leveler. It takes 5 minutes and this is it, can be set on all kinds of slopes using the actuators and another of its assets ...

  • Behringer Eurolight LC2412

    Behringer Eurolight LC2412 - "Toy console"


    I purchased the LC2412 to use for a small lighting setup for my regional sound co. I would never depend on Behringer audio gear for a pro situation and should not have depended on this either. The console was not user friendly but after the hurdles...

  • Robe Lighting Spot 150 XT

    Robe Lighting Spot 150 XT - "Surperb moving head scanners" has images


    I baught four of these second hand in december 2012 for £800 the lot in mint condition so I got a great bargain as they are more than double that new and they have easily paid for them selves already, Customers always compliment me on my light shows ...

  • Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X)

    Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X) - "Unbeatable for the price" has images


    These lights do the job well for the price they are unbeatable I have had 8 of them for roughly 14 I can't remember the exact date I baught them, but I know I have done well over 1000 gigs with them over the years and have only ever had to replace th...

  • Fal 2000

    Fal 2000 - "Awesome peice of kit" has images


    These lights are amazing they have some great features that many other scanners don't like being able to split the beam three ways without losing gobo shape or brightness giving the effect of three times the amount of lights. They are very well built...

  • Martin Fingers

    Martin Fingers - b_cristache's review


    hello..i want to buy this product..i want to know the price...

  • Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150

    Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 - "Not sure why Chauvet priced this one so high"


    The Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 is a lighting system with automatic movement. It cost just under 400 dollars and provide solid high quality lighting to your venue. The lights on the Spot LED 150 are very bright, it uses a 25w LED. Setting up the...

  • ADJ (American DJ) H2O LED DMX Pro

    ADJ (American DJ) H2O LED DMX Pro - "Buy more than 1"


    The American DJ H20 LED is a water flowing LED light that cost 170 USD, it is easy to install but it is not very portable. Depending on what you set up is, this needs to be bolted to a ceiling bracket. If you are in a club that will allow you put the...

  • Chauvet 4BAR Wash Light System

    Chauvet 4BAR Wash Light System - "Buy it"


    The Chauvet 4BAR is an LED lighting unit that has 4 total lights on it, each light has 36 red, blue, and green LED lights. There are a total of 432 total LED lights on the Chauvet 4BAR. It comes on a tripod stand that is very sturdy, so depending on ...