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Strobes user reviews

  • KoolSound Super Strobe 1000

    KoolSound Super Strobe 1000 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by merolecho/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I'll try to give my opinion about this strobe without getting angry... I bought it first and foremost for its price... I didn't test it before buying it... Otherwise I would…

Translated user reviews
  • Hungaroflash QUASAR LE VRAIS

    Hungaroflash QUASAR LE VRAIS - " quazar down"


    We purchased this unit there for a while already this week by delivering it means no service problem making it work it rattles the lamp lights a little sky blue border but nothing I had bought at ESL and a technician from home not possible to m…

  • Botex SP-1500 DMX

    Botex SP-1500 DMX - " Good but problem"


    I use it for 3 years I tried a HQ 1500 with blinder really function more powerful in light intensity (the reflector mirror is not foreign) and the big plus of the shield: the top. + The performance in the standards of the time. - It is down (lo…

  • Botex SP-1500 DMX

    Botex SP-1500 DMX - " Sweet potato !!"


    How long have you use it? For several months. Have you tried many other models before buying it? I've seen it in action a lot of models Stairville style 1500W and company, but also with Martin Atomic 3000. What is so special that you like m…

  • Kool Light strobe 1000

    Kool Light strobe 1000 - " good product"


    6 years I used each benefit, and it's the job well. I had other, less powerful model. I like the price, reliability and robustness, but lacks a little pep I think. The ratio q / p is good and I would make the same choice with the experience seen the …

  • Starway Firefly

    Starway Firefly - " Excellent value for money"


    I use it occasionally for 4 years and it has never done me wrong good despite some falls that have to suffer .. The flash is quite powerful (for a 60m2 room is nice) and the possibility to connect a control to the rear, is a real +. Negative poi…

  • Excelighting EXPLOSION 1000

    Excelighting EXPLOSION 1000 - " I love it."


    How long have you use it? 30 minutes, and it's enough for me. Have you tried many other models before buying it? A firefly, a small strobe not powerful low end What is the particular feature you like best and least? Plus: Incredible power…

  • Mac Mah S1500D

    Mac Mah S1500D - " Follow the link"



  • Contest STB 520

    Contest STB 520 - " Not really pro ..."


    I use these machines club since September 2012. This is a fairly popular machine that has a lot of people, and apparently in quite satisfied, however, for my use it is not a very competitive product with its quality. Who says use club, said use "…

  • Tandy Xenon flash tube

    Tandy Xenon flash tube - " components for self-assembly one strobe"


    This is not a strobe ready to use, but it is (or was) components or kits to make yourself a stroboscope (separate components blister) distributed by Tandy - Radio Shack has a price very reasonable (I can not remember the price, which was in clear ...…