PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • LEM SP media active

    LEM SP media active - "Unportable"


    Sounds ok, however, the subwoofer is made in a shape and weight which makes it completely untransportable. There are no grips on the subwoofer. The rounded edges make it impossible to hold, even with two people. The bass unit is also just heavy enoug…

  • Bose 1800 Series IV

    Bose 1800 Series IV - "Power Supply Bose 1800/IV" has images


    is in the pics seen Power Supply ...the alternative / replace for the original ? I don't have any tech Datas of the original. I'm search a new one (left channel doesent works anymore / Power Supply NO output Voltage). Thanks for any information and h…

  • Cambridge Audio Edge W

    Cambridge Audio Edge W - "Cambridge Audio Edge W — Stereo Power Amplifier"


    Overview The Edge W, from Cambridge Audio, has become my reference power amplifier. I own several others, including a 40 Watt into 8Ω Class A solid state, and a 40W Class D. I have tried this amp with a fairly wide variety of speakers, from vented b…

  • Behringer Europort PPA200

    Behringer Europort PPA200 - "Good dependable Portable PA"


    Best uses: solo performers, small ensembles. I use this for both. I have used it at block parties, open mics, and even on parade floats. It is a very dependable unit which produces a large amount of sound for such a small size. I have used other …

  • Rockville Audio RPA9

    Rockville Audio RPA9 - "Extremely powerful and clean amp for the price-point"


    I use four of these power amps to run my large studio monitor/ rehearsal speakers. I was planning on using a few 25 year old Crown amplifiers, but I took a chance when I bought the first one, but when I hooked it up, I was so impressed with it. Lots…

  • QSC USA 1310

    QSC USA 1310 - "Rugged Beast"


    Meanwhile I own five of these, bought between 2016-18 and between 100-200€ each. I love its power, versatility and musical sound and I use some of them in a small homecinema application firing some Electro Voice SX 80 and two DIY-MacAudio Subs using …

  • Line 6 Relay G10S

    Line 6 Relay G10S - "Unbelievable clarity that releases your tone"


    SOUND: The Relay G10S is a 2.4GHz wireless system for guitar (and other musical instruments) that produces (allows for) incredible tone because of its 24-bit uncompressed digital transmission (best in class ADC and DAC provide very low noise). Am…

  • Ibiza Sound Amp 300

    Ibiza Sound Amp 300 - "Posetively surprised by "peanut money" Ibiza AMP300 (professional power amplifier)!"


    audio Hi! I am a music listener, and HiFi is my favourite hobby. Needed a second amp/poweramp(for my bedroom?!). Looking at pro gear for some time, i'm a tradidtional HiFi guy - on some forums (Audiophile-forums), pro audio gear are a bit like "s…

  • Xvive U3

    Xvive U3 - "Outstanding" has images


    I chose this for use in live sound applications. I use this with both headset and handheld mics. There are no other comparable products in this price range. PROS: 1: Can be used with any dynamic microphone--whether headset, lavalier, or handheld …

  • HK Audio D.A.R.T

    HK Audio D.A.R.T - "Good Quality monitor"


    Good monitors..Biamped , separate limiters on bass and compression driver speakers. Very good gain before feedback as very smooth frequency response for vocals monitors but not powerful enough for drum fill or bass guitar...understandab…