Power Amplifiers user reviews

  • Cambridge Audio Edge W

    Cambridge Audio Edge W - "Cambridge Audio Edge W — Stereo Power Amplifier"


    Overview The Edge W, from Cambridge Audio, has become my reference power amplifier. I own several others, including a 40 Watt into 8Ω Class A solid state, and a 40W Class D. I have tried this amp with a fairly wide variety of speakers, from vented b…

  • Rockville Audio RPA9

    Rockville Audio RPA9 - "Extremely powerful and clean amp for the price-point"


    I use four of these power amps to run my large studio monitor/ rehearsal speakers. I was planning on using a few 25 year old Crown amplifiers, but I took a chance when I bought the first one, but when I hooked it up, I was so impressed with it. Lots…

  • QSC USA 1310

    QSC USA 1310 - "Rugged Beast"


    Meanwhile I own five of these, bought between 2016-18 and between 100-200€ each. I love its power, versatility and musical sound and I use some of them in a small homecinema application firing some Electro Voice SX 80 and two DIY-MacAudio Subs using …

  • Ibiza Sound Amp 300

    Ibiza Sound Amp 300 - "Posetively surprised by "peanut money" Ibiza AMP300 (professional power amplifier)!"


    audio Hi! I am a music listener, and HiFi is my favourite hobby. Needed a second amp/poweramp(for my bedroom?!). Looking at pro gear for some time, i'm a tradidtional HiFi guy - on some forums (Audiophile-forums), pro audio gear are a bit like "s…

  • Sertec S500

    Sertec S500 - "Strong and good" has images


    This product French handmade is very good, the sound is realy powerfull inestimate it at 250w per channel for 8 ohms and 350w for 4 ohms, because he got a 560VA toroidal transformer. His conception is very strong and he is very heavy, because is made…

  • JB Systems C2 800

    JB Systems C2 800 - "Best (bass) amp for the price"


    I use this amp in a bi amp environment as bass amp 2x800/4Ohm. For upper mid/hi i use a lightweight switching power QSC PLX 1104 with 2x 550/4Ohm. X-Over is 2-way original from JB... I most cases i have to take the bass amp volume back some 3-4 ste…

  • Norton KP 900

    Norton KP 900 - "I am very pleased"


    I am very pleased with the amplifier powered well 4 columns 350 watt 8 ohm. With good cooling system preporichvam anyone to buy this model. Greetings from Bisk !…

  • Ibiza Sound AMP- 600
  • QSC RMX 5050

    QSC RMX 5050 - "QSC RMX SERIES" has images


    Hello everybody, i am an electronic Technician so i would like to comment on QSC AMPLIFIER RMX series..i made some research on rmx series i even opened the rmx 5050 to watch the inside component the rmx series is not a solid amplifier like USA serie…

  • Samson Technologies Servo 600

    Samson Technologies Servo 600 - "For bigger spaces"


    The Servo 600 is great for larger systems and speaker chains; you can even use it in the studio and not just for live applications. It has 1/4-inch and RCA input connectors; 1/4-inch and RCA input connectors and it can be racked. I used this a few ti…