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Dual-Channel Power Amps user reviews

  • QSC USA 1310

    QSC USA 1310 - "Rugged Beast"


    Meanwhile I own five of these, bought between 2016-18 and between 100-200€ each. I love its power, versatility and musical sound and I use some of them in a small homecinema application firing some Electro Voice SX 80 and two DIY-MacAudio Subs using …

  • Ibiza Sound Amp 300

    Ibiza Sound Amp 300 - "Posetively surprised by "peanut money" Ibiza AMP300 (professional power amplifier)!"


    audio Hi! I am a music listener, and HiFi is my favourite hobby. Needed a second amp/poweramp(for my bedroom?!). Looking at pro gear for some time, i'm a tradidtional HiFi guy - on some forums (Audiophile-forums), pro audio gear are a bit like "s…

  • Sertec S500

    Sertec S500 - "Strong and good" has images


    This product French handmade is very good, the sound is realy powerfull inestimate it at 250w per channel for 8 ohms and 350w for 4 ohms, because he got a 560VA toroidal transformer. His conception is very strong and he is very heavy, because is made…

  • JB Systems C2 800

    JB Systems C2 800 - "Best (bass) amp for the price"


    I use this amp in a bi amp environment as bass amp 2x800/4Ohm. For upper mid/hi i use a lightweight switching power QSC PLX 1104 with 2x 550/4Ohm. X-Over is 2-way original from JB... I most cases i have to take the bass amp volume back some 3-4 ste…

  • Norton KP 900

    Norton KP 900 - "I am very pleased"


    I am very pleased with the amplifier powered well 4 columns 350 watt 8 ohm. With good cooling system preporichvam anyone to buy this model. Greetings from Bisk !…

  • QSC RMX 5050

    QSC RMX 5050 - "QSC RMX SERIES" has images


    Hello everybody, i am an electronic Technician so i would like to comment on QSC AMPLIFIER RMX series..i made some research on rmx series i even opened the rmx 5050 to watch the inside component the rmx series is not a solid amplifier like USA serie…

  • Samson Technologies Servo 600

    Samson Technologies Servo 600 - "For bigger spaces"


    The Servo 600 is great for larger systems and speaker chains; you can even use it in the studio and not just for live applications. It has 1/4-inch and RCA input connectors; 1/4-inch and RCA input connectors and it can be racked. I used this a few ti…

  • Samson Technologies SX1200

    Samson Technologies SX1200 - "no distortion and a much wider sound"


    The Samson SX12000 is a stereo powered amplifier that gives much needed power with minimal distortion to your speakers. This amp is great for live and studio sound, it will give your audio a bigger feel and wider stereo sound easily with no effort at…

  • Crown XLS 1000

    Crown XLS 1000 - "Great for your PA system, no matter how big the PA system is!"


    The Crown 1000, is a 1000 watt amp that will deliver maximum power to your speaker chain or PA system. At first I thought this amp was a little over price because it cost over 300 bucks but after hearing how much louder it made our whole PA system I…

  • Behringer iNuke NU1000

    Behringer iNuke NU1000 - "Love it/Affordable"


    The INUKE NU1000 is made by Behringer; it is a class D unit that is very easy to use. There is virtually no set up process involved and on the front of the rack you can easily see all of your signal levels because of the LED lights. On the back of th…