JB Systems C2 800
JB Systems C2 800

C2 800, Dual-Channel Power Amp from JB Systems.

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Klaus Jürgens 07/03/2017

JB Systems C2 800 : Klaus Jürgens's user review

"Best (bass) amp for the price"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I use this amp in a bi amp environment as bass amp 2x800/4Ohm. For upper mid/hi i use a lightweight switching power QSC PLX 1104 with 2x 550/4Ohm. X-Over is 2-way original from JB...
I most cases i have to take the bass amp volume back some 3-4 steps, so that the overall sound is clear and rich without needing a graphic equalizer in free space.
I do recording studio and PA since the 1980s and worked with nearly every amp on the market. I must admit that i did not know JB Systems before but i am totally satisfied many times in a year when i provide my own band, and Rock Bands around the Costa Blanca with good sound. I also have other lightweight amps like Carver, but for my feeling nothing affordable compares to a heavy Transformer conventional bass amp. So thats the price... you normally need a helping hand to move a biamp rack into the van if you dont wanna break your elderly back ;-) Klaus