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Loudspeaker Management Processors user reviews

  • Klark Teknik DN 800

    Klark Teknik DN 800 - "Great analog gear"


    The Klark Teknik DN800 is an analog active filter conceived for sound reinforcement, recording studios and fixed installations. It may be configured as a four-input, two-way systems or as a two-input, three or four-way system. Klark-Tekink includ…

  • Bose T1 ToneMatch

    Bose T1 ToneMatch - "The EQ is perfect"


    The Bose T1 ToneMatch is a 4 channel mixer with 3 microphone inputs, 1 stereo channel and over 100 presets built into it. After about a weeks worth of learning the unit in full, I started to mess with some of the effects and man there are some good o…

  • Bose Panaray System Digital Controller II

    Bose Panaray System Digital Controller II - "fantastik speakers"


    I am a competent DJ and have used several loudspeakers from competing brands. I have used the Mackie SRM 450s and found them to be too harsh. The dB loudspeakers I had tend to be similar but the bass was muddy. The Bose Panaray 802 Series III loudspe…

  • dbx 223

    dbx 223 - moosers's review


    The Dbx 223 is a stereo 2-way or mono 3-way crossover designed for live sound use and for DJ's. It allows you to easily switch between two or three different sources, depending on the way you are using it. I'm not a DJ or anything like that, but we…

  • Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496

    Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Lout/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Bad quality crossover and EQ. it's hard to understand the settings in the beginning. The input summing architecture is not clear and the user's manual doesn't help a lot... Firs…

  • Peavey Feedback ferret II

    Peavey Feedback ferret II - "Peavey Feedback Ferret II"


    I needed a Feedback eliminator with as many filters as possible, as my Roland AF-70's only have 12. I paid £354.00. The unit was acquired from an online music website. I had hoped that the 32 filters would solve my feedback problems, I needed the …

Translated user reviews
  • dbx DriveRack PA2

    dbx DriveRack PA2 - " very good filter"


    I myself used to filter for line array dvat12 with sub. I pa + before and I find that the front. remote control and convenient, the parametric filter output is top and the phase inversion can be convenient for delay. self eq 4 points ds room and more…

  • dbx 223 XS

    dbx 223 XS - " Does the job"


    Used since February 2013 to refine my system: 2 x QSC K12 + 1 x sub FBT PROMAXX 15SA. I have not tried other models before. +: Great variety of crossover points (with x10 button), ease of use (no need to bone up a lot the manual), it can do it on…

  • dbx 223 XS

    dbx 223 XS - " Does the job"


    Used since spring 2013. I have not tried other models before. +: It works for any system 2: 1 or 2: 2 -: Not much to complain but beware of phase problems on your subs and heads cut off frequency (which is valid for any filter). …

  • dbx 223 XS

    dbx 223 XS - " Performance and reliability is good Price"


    How long have you use it? - I used a season and a half discomobile filtered for an active system Have you tried many other models before buying it? - No What thing do you like most and least? - Most: look and solid design, opportunitie…