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Digital PA Controllers user reviews

  • Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496

    Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Lout/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Bad quality crossover and EQ. it's hard to understand the settings in the beginning. The input summing architecture is not clear and the user's manual doesn't help a lot... Firs…

Translated user reviews
  • dbx DriveRack PA2

    dbx DriveRack PA2 - " very good filter"


    I myself used to filter for line array dvat12 with sub. I pa + before and I find that the front. remote control and convenient, the parametric filter output is top and the phase inversion can be convenient for delay. self eq 4 points ds room and more…

  • dbx DriveRack PA2

    dbx DriveRack PA2 - " I love"


    the top super filter is controlled with iPad …

  • HK Audio DSM 2060

    HK Audio DSM 2060 - " excellent"


    nothing great opportunity to add huge adjustment and above all can filter frequencies. plug it into a complete system HK it works very well new price expensive but it's your price when it is used it feels really good ears and especially hp suffe…

  • dbx DriveRack PA+

    dbx DriveRack PA+ - " Great product for DJ"


    I use since May 2012 I had the tc one ElectroVoice and DCX 2496. What I like: it's a complete tool with compressor equalizer feedback eliminator good. The wizard system to hold the sound is just perfect tune by ear. It is true that the 6 outputs ar…

  • TC Electronic EQ Station 8

    TC Electronic EQ Station 8 - " A killer!"


    This is a multiband / EQ Parametric EQ / Multiband Compressor eightfold fully digital. There's still more other functions, but the key is. All with the reliability and quality of TC Electronic. I use it for some time. For now: - To correct my …

  • Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496

    Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 - " EXCELLENT"


    Used happily for 3 years. Before I had a CX2310 (analog active filter), perfect for beginners. The DCX is day and night = digital brings a huge for my use (optimize a powerful sound of rock group). It also seems very popular with audiophiles …

  • Peavey VSX 48

    Peavey VSX 48 - " it fulfills its role"


    How long have you use it? 3 years How do you like the least? peavey never creates software permetent connect a PC to the trial. How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? ... value for money is good…

  • dbx DriveRack PX

    dbx DriveRack PX - " Awesome - Turns any PA system into a HIFI"


    I have owned this product since March 2012. This product has-been used with many combinations of PA systems and always (after a quick set up) Performed faultlessly. It has allowed different combinations of speakers to be controlled to end up with a f…

  • Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496

    Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 - " Used spliter"


    I made this acquisition 6 months ago to complete a rack PA, where I have 3 amps: 2x200, 2x500, 2x600 of SLX IISeries MacMah of which were previously distributed by a spliter analog. I substituted DCX2496, unwanted by spliter broadband. Each amp suppo…