Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496
Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496

Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496, Digital PA Controller from Behringer.

Ghhhh 07/19/2005

Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 : Ghhhh's user review


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A device with three inputs and 6 outputs, all is fully configurable:
- Trs complete cross-over (each output has a possibility to have high-pass filter and at the same time a low pass, each with slopes of up 48dB/oct, like Butterworth, Linkwitz, Bessel)
- 5-band equalizer settings on each input and output
- Routing (slightly limited hlas)
- Delays which may account for the temprature (and thus the speed of sound)
- Limiter per output (the release is a bit faster actually)
- A phase SETTING THE (???)
- And a dynamic eq param (compressor) and output by between (which I've never used)

A device trs trs complete it may be but not quite pro extrment useful.

Trs breath is reasonable and certainly inaudible signal even with a low trs.

Rglages can be locked (in whole or part) and then for fixed installations or lease is impeccable.

The paramtrage is quite tedious, how could they have done differently with the same opportunity?

The manual is brief, but the use is actually quite intuitive. There is no info in electro-acoustic, nothing to help the nophyte (fawns but all this is a subject too vast and specialist in the same are not of agree on everything)

I used this Systm with live music and DJ facilities also without problem.

I build my speakers gnralement same and I can j'apprcie normment matriser so parameter.

The LORD Systm problem of overlap between the speakers (sub and top for example) may rsoudre without much difficulty. With other Systmes the frquence recovery n'tait CONTRL not well (at least an octave with disturbances). Here I have the tool that allows me to any rgler.

I used about a dozen configs.

Prcdemment I built my own filters and needs all ncessaire it!

Lack may be a limiting RMS power (for the few people who know what a serving!)

At this price why hsiter? It's really a great tool.

For once, I'm really happy to Behringer! (J'esprre that I will not change your mind)