dbx DriveRack PA
dbx DriveRack PA

DriveRack PA, Digital PA Controller from dbx in the DriveRack series.

Niko_ze_senicer 02/09/2005

dbx DriveRack PA : Niko_ze_senicer's user review


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Device "while a" broadcast to your systems
it includes: 2 ParaEQ on each output, limiter, compressor, graphic EQ, subharmonic (gadget)
, AFS antilarsen, delay alignment, crossover etc ...

Screen too small
navigation a little chelou ...
Delay = 10 msec max, so not possible to make use dtourne as delay line
Nice graphic EQ in the line of the DBX ...
Missing; between a numrique (S / PDIF, AES-EBU, or what you want)

I dballe the monster and the branch on my system MTD112 (l-acoustics), and stupor !!!!....

Staining mdium top, smooth treble ... Hey, has felt the approximate conversion!

(Bah yes bananas, BSS is 2x more expensive, the XTA LAKE PEOPLE or 5 times ...)

Otherwise, the graphic EQ running the ball (28 band), AFS antilarsen is useful but I say careful!
bad habits are taken trs fast with that thing ... for the speech, one begins to slacken frquences levels of cuts, and for live use carrment turns to suicide ... Anyway this thing is best left to bypass ...

The only advantage about this indnible Machner, RSID its 1U (the ki can be very useful for people like me who are looking for the smallest room in their racks)

Whereas before the rack had to be carted 12U sock for the same in analog.
Factory presets are provided for small PA system for JBL, Crown, EAW, Yamaha, Cerwin-Vega.
AWARDS trs interesting, but my advice is to thoroughly rflchir your purchase ...
(I think I'll sell mine, but hey it's not win 'em kar down a bit ...)