dbx DriveRack PA
dbx DriveRack PA

DriveRack PA, Digital PA Controller from dbx in the DriveRack series.

seba 12/01/2009

dbx DriveRack PA : seba's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
crossover network 2entrées, 6 outputs
31-band EQ on input (I do not remember if we can separate the left and DTE eq)
limiter, compressor, antilarsen, delay (10ms max), subharmonic, antilarsen, parametric eq
pink noise generator for automatic calibration system with a measurement microphone.
the idea, there's enough to make things with it all

editing program is pathetic
must go through a menu "wizard", which offers entire catalog crest, jbl, yamaha.
menus and navigation not hyper intuitive.
I have not really found it great.
even Minidrive bss, whose firmware is quite austere (same as on jbl dsc260 I think), seems to me more clear.
Fortunately, the doc is not bad.
but failing grade on that, he had to do less but more clear.

Again he had to put less into it:
turn anti feedback, and sub harmonics processor, add some delay, because it's going to 10ms caller during a 3-way front garden, but there is nothing more with it.
the auto calibration with the pink noise generator, works well under certain conditions, but sometimes a bit random, and sometimes downright null.
converters: you're getting your money, but no more.

used one year
a good value for money anyway
only, we must know where are the limits of the apparatus, and especially not to expect more.
it's good for a conventional concert grand 100-400 people max, when you have no budget for xta or OmniDrive ...)
it is the crossover that does what is expected of him.
10 ms of delay, we are glad to find them anyway
possibly limiting
rigor to the 31 band eq, although I prefer analog next
but everything else ...
Again, I think it's a good value nonetheless, g had no fault, so I think I will ever be the choice.
That said, if you can afford not hesitate: xta or OmniDrive