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  • Shure WH20XLR



    I'm the PA guy locally for football, basketball and track. I have been wanting a headset mic for years now to clear out that room on the desk while doing games. A table top mic is right in the middle of everything and a wireless hand held mic is al…

  • Samson Technologies SE50 - Beige

    Samson Technologies SE50 - Beige - "Good Choice for Theatre!"


    These Samson SE50's are a solid choice for theatre groups! The earpiece design is a bit odd and a few people have complained about them being uncomfortable to me, but for the most part they seem to get the job done. The color is a big plus for stage …

  • Audio-Technica AT892CW

    Audio-Technica AT892CW - "Good Quality Headset Mic!"


    What I like most about these headset mics is the overall quality and their pick-up pattern. I've used these with a singer / flute player and both picked up fairly evenly and with a well balanced sound. What I dislike is that the windscreen "fuzzies",…

  • Shure MX418/N

    Shure MX418/N - "good in all situations"


    The shure mx 418 is a gooseneck mic that is 18 inches long and it is perfect for like a church or speech podium. I have seen this mic used in so many different set ups and places. It works very good, and one of the best thing about it is that the ext…

  • AKG C 420 B

    AKG C 420 B - "thumbs up to akg"


    This mic is a large diaphragm capsules mic. The AKG 420b is more of a newer style then what it use to be in with the previous models. Some of the features of it are, a switch able bass filter that can cut and minimize noise. The mic itself is pret…

  • Shure WBH53B

    Shure WBH53B - "worth the money"


    The Shure WBH53 is a headset condenser microphone. They are surprisingly very comfortable to wear for your special needs and performances or events. Most headset mics are really too comfortable and can irritate the talent (artist) so a lot of people …

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - moosers's review


    The DPA Microphones 4060 is a miniature sized condenser microphone for use in the recording studio. Perhaps you could use this to record a live show, but I don't have any experience in doing so. I believe that they sell the 4060 also as a stereo pa…

  • Shure WH20XLR

    Shure WH20XLR - "Shure WH20XLR"


    I've been playing in "Tribute" bands for 10 years. Been all over the world playing music. Even played for Royalty. Drums & Percussion are my 1st love. But, I also play bass and Guitar. I taught drums lessons for 5-6 years at a local muusic store…

Translated user reviews
  • Ramsa WM-S2

    Ramsa WM-S2 - " yes but ..."


    Good mic but the clip is not very efficient. The microphone does not fit on the roof of a clarinet. It is better to use a locking clip handyman type clothespin and taped the micro dessus.Note: 7 …

  • Shure MX153

    Shure MX153 - " No outfit!"


    I have used three times more people and each time it was the cross and the banner to successfully fit onto the ear ... The sound quality is ok but not very defined, it goes to an omnidirectional ... …