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Headset & Lavalier Microphones user reviews

  • The T.bone HC95

    The T.bone HC95 - Deweak's review


    I got this mic now, so I publish this opinion after using the HC95 in different configurations. For now, the few tests have been conclusive. The microphone is right still in place, I have tried a few minutes before finding the right investment bec…

  • Shure WH20XLR

    Shure WH20XLR - Vincent38's review


    Microphone head Dynamic OVERALL OPINION It is only a few weeks I use it. The sound is good. In the beginners there was a problem but the blast cap foam provides significantly limit this breath. A good quality price I do not regret the inv…

  • K&K AT-668

    K&K AT-668 - tito roland's review


    Bjr I bought this microphone to try it for the price I do not wet bcp. I used to sound with an accordion and my foix it very well I did three shows with me and he gives full scope satisfaction.la announced thirty meters but I have not tried. + Wh…

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - Querelle's review


    It is a miniature Electret microphone, DPA said pr-polaris which means the same thing. The head is attached to the cable, also very end and provided with a miniature jack that plugs into a standard XLR adapter. Sensibilt = 20 mV / PA: yes, it is not …

  • The T.bone CC 75

    The T.bone CC 75 - fouineblanche's review


    That micro tears in this is that it is convenient for dangerous lives. at least if you pete c less than 40 euros. I use it with a UHF case, so that the cable does not bother me at all. it's really an exceptional microphones because it concurrentl…

  • AKG C 411

    AKG C 411 - Anonyme's review


    - How long have you use it? I have 6 years, and it's not bad at all. - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The +: trs Fidler reproduces the sound of the instrument on the table, it does everything right, and forwards. I u…

  • Vivanco EM216

    Vivanco EM216 - ebrian's review


    I use it for 5 years as micro relief, auxiliary or replacement guitar, other instruments. Dsquilibre Bass / aigus.Puissant, sound honnte.Fragile.Mauvais constant contact so I got tired I balance this m. .. the trash! Especially if you do not buy yo…

  • Shure Beta 54

    Shure Beta 54 - Poupoun69's review


    It is a vocal microphone, with the same capsule as the BETA 53 (except that it is omnidirectional). It is more suited to the scne returns, clubs, bars, ... short o sound places can tend to turn a bit and give feedback. The address of the data shee…

  • Shure WH20QTR

    Shure WH20QTR - Olivier08's review


    I am a drummer and I use it for at least three years. Well, it's not too expensive, but is exactly what has worth. It's not terrible at all. It is sorely lacking from a potato micro "normal". We must push the excessive gain on the table to be at th…

  • Ramsa WM-S2

    Ramsa WM-S2 - binbinhfr's review


    Used for 15 years I think. tnor a sax. I like its sound, its size, ease of installation, prampli belt and solid. there is nothing I dislike ... dj tried MODELS fixed (shure sm58, beta 58, etc. ...). but it's still hard to play in front of a m…